Strike While the Iron Is Hot or Don’t Let Your Startup Idea Get Stale


Andrey Kozlov

Marketing Manager

Confident and dynamic professional with over 6 years experience in marketing & sales.

When having a seemingly good startup idea, a fast and efficient implementation can make the difference between success and failure. By starting early with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) you or your team can not only become officially the first one that came up with the idea but also you’ll be able to actually test your product with real-life users and have a chance to improve it with their help and assistance or at least avoid considerable losses if the idea does not get off the ground and customers do not materialize. Furthermore, being the first to pre-empt the market with your product, you can attract attention and generate interest in the idea before someone else does it. So in our upcoming webinar we’ll talk about some benefits of launching your startup fast and why making it in a set of short iterations could often be a wise idea for entrepreneurs.

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