Website Design and Development

Clients from more than 20 countries have chosen QuartSoft Corp. as their outsourcing partner for web design and development needs. Our web design team is one of the largest companies of such kind based in Eastern Europe which competence covers all aspects of the modern website design process. QuartSoft’s US office allowed us to expand our reach to American customers.

It’s highly recommended for any serious business to invest into professional web design. There is no business in today’s world without web presence. It’s important for entrepreneurs of any kind not to let their business websites look amateurish, cheap or non-unique. QuartSoft guarantees a highly professional approach towards building unique, stylish and functional websites for a successful web presence or digital commerce reflecting the essence of the particular business or service to the online public.

With a right marketing strategy and an effectively designed, developed and optimized website you have better chances to attract more customers and boost your sales as well as brand awareness through online presence.

Our company offers a comprehensive set of web design services which includes website design, website development, technical configuration and long-term support and maintenance to those who outsource their web presence to QuartSoft.

Web Design Process

At the initial stage of our web design process we ask a customer to fill in a questionnaire. Based on client's responses, our company creates the first website mockup which usually requires 3-4 days for completion. In conformity with customer’s feedback, in case if the customer is not completely satisfied with the result, we design the second website concept.

If for some reason this second design is not exactly what the customer expects, we will be able to engage another designer to work on the third mockup.

In case if none of these designs suits the customer, we can either refund the whole amount keeping the rights for all designs or we can continue working with one of the previously created mockups the customer chooses.

The customer is allowed to make unlimited revisions to the selected mockup and we will work until we meet all customer’s requirements and desires with the final design.

The GUI design for all inner pages of the web site is to be approved by the customer and we’ll do our best to implement all the required functionality.

Our experience shows that around 90% of our customers are satisfied with the first web site concept as we do not forward them quick and raw sketches, but instead we perform serious work to customize every mockup for the customer to be pleased from the very beginning. 

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QuartSoft  Corp. has been an intricate part of the development and growth of VoiceBase Inc. They designed and built our company’s web service, which is the central aspect of our business. This has expanded our company and created many jobs in the United States. We highly recommend QuartSoft Corp. 

Walter Bachtiger, President & CEO VoiceBase, Inc.

Bitfocus, Inc. is a leading software development and IT consulting firm dedicated to development of applications for the public and private sector. In our expansion, QuartSoft has been a vital business partner in the development of our own product offerings, as well as developing tools and applications for our clients. 

Bitfocus, Inc. has been a close business partner with QuartSoft since March 2009. During that period of time, QuartSoft has become an indispensable partner to our organization, allowing us to grow and meet the technological demands of our own products, as well as our customers.

Robert Herdzik, CEO Bitfocus Inc.