Having chosen our team as your web design and development services provider, you can rest assured that your website will run smoothly. We can back up your data to guarantee your online business continuity. Our technical support team is always at your disposal to assist you with any website maintenance issue.

Maintenance and Consultancy Services

Working with QuartSoft, our customers not only get high quality custom web and mobile solutions for their businesses but also they can expect long-lasting maintenance and consultancy services provided by experts. Almost any kind of business requires changes when evolving. Most of such changes involve modifications of web assets. Therefore, when choosing an IT partner, it is highly important to approach the one with reliable and stable services to make sure the same team creates, maintains and enhances your website and/or web/mobile applications throughout the years of your business. With QuartSoft Corp. you get dedicated specialists for your project on the basis of long-term maintenance and consultancy packages our company can offer. When it comes to professional maintenance services our team works individually with every to provide all necessary changes, upgrades, modifications and expert advice any time they are needed.

One of our strongest points is building cloud environments for new online businesses and moving existing ones to cloud computing to help them save money while growing their web capabilities. Our team has acquired a broad expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Not all entrepreneurs are aware of how AWS can boost their online businesses with all the good things they can offer such as Route 53, S3, EC2, SES, SNS and SQS services. And this is when the team of QuartSoft Corp. can step in to help with cloud computer configuration, consultations and technical support.

Backup Files

We keep all sources and graphic files produced by us for all projects on our server unless otherwise is specified in the contract. In case of loss or damage of source codes or graphics, we would be happy to assist in recovery of the damage using the backed-up files. Although we always advise our customers to back up all graphics and source codes by their own, they can be double sure that they will never lose their most important data upon which their online business is based. 


SOAR Nation has been a business partner/client of QuartSoft Corp. since August 2010. In that period of time, QuartSoft Corp. has been instrumental in developing the technological backbone of the organization. As a result, SOAR Nation has recently entered negotiations with several investment groups regarding angel and venture capital investment.

Yan Agaev, President/CEO SOAR Nation, Inc.

QuartSoft  Corp. has been an intricate part of the development and growth of VoiceBase Inc. They designed and built our company’s web service, which is the central aspect of our business. This has expanded our company and created many jobs in the United States. We highly recommend QuartSoft Corp. 

Walter Bachtiger, President & CEO VoiceBase, Inc.