Cloud application development

Our team of web and mobile experts helps develop, deploy and manage application in a cloud-based infrastructure for the best possible performance and scalability.

As a rule, the usage of a traditional infrastructure necessitates predicting the amount of computing resources your application will require over a period of several years. If you under-estimate your future needs, your applications will not have the horsepower to handle unexpected traffic, potentially resulting in customer dissatisfaction. If you over-estimate, you’re wasting your money for redundant resources. A flexible cloud-based infrastructure can be a professional answer to lots of your online business problems.

Migration to Cloud and Integration of Cloud Applications

We offer our cloud migration service to help our clients leverage full benefits of cloud computing:

  • configuration and integration of cloud backup services;
  • configuration and integration of cloud storage services;
  • setup of cloud sync services.

Configuration, deployment applications into Cloud Infrastructure

Configuring and Deploying Applications into Cloud Infrastructure

There are many different providers helping you get all the benefits of the cloud hosting environment. Each provider offers specific benefits. We have gained a lot of experience in deploying of applications into Amazon AWS, Rockspace, SoftLayer cloud infrastructure. Our experienced team can assist you with managing of Public and Private Cloud environments or even build a truly Hybrid infrastructure to meet your your business needs. We have great team of experts in cloud computing services and cloud migration services.

Scaling of your cloud based application

Scaling Your Cloud-Based Application

Our team has a rich experience in professionally scaling applications in the cloud. We configure and manage our clients’ applications to reach different technological goals required by business growth and evolving needs including, but not limited to, configuration of load balancers, CloudWatch services, custom application scenarios based on the API-driven infrastructure.

Data storage in the Cloud computing application

Data Storage in the Cloud

We help companies properly protect their important files and data by means of cloud services and tools. Using some API tools our team can help you store your private data with automated backup services in multiple geographical regions and availability zones. We configure automatic synchronization of the data in your local environment with the data stored in the cloud in order to secure and back up all your application data.

Database infrastructure in the Cloud based application

Database Infrastructure in the Cloud

Our savvy team helps migrate your existing database into the cloud and thus improve and optimize application performance, analyze and speed up data access. We offer a professional set-up of automated backups, data replication for your apps, including fast and secure replication for distributed applications and systems. Our staff has acquired significant expertise and insight into mySQL, MSSQL and Oracle database administration as well as noSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassanda DB and Amazon DynamoDB.

noSQL database management, cloud app development

Migrating Existing Application to the Cloud

It doesn't matter how complex your company’s infrastructure is. Our team will work closely with you to professionally help you migrate the existing environment to the Amazon Cloud. Our competent staff will conduct a detailed analysis and proper migration planning to carefully prepare the live platform for a successful and seamless migration.

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Bitfocus, Inc. is a leading software development and IT consulting firm dedicated to development of applications for the public and private sector. In our expansion, QuartSoft has been a vital business partner in the development of our own product offerings, as well as developing tools and applications for our clients. 

Bitfocus, Inc. has been a close business partner with QuartSoft since March 2009. During that period of time, QuartSoft has become an indispensable partner to our organization, allowing us to grow and meet the technological demands of our own products, as well as our customers.

Robert Herdzik, CEO Bitfocus Inc.

I am writing from Rentfeeder, we are an internet technology start up that is building software tools for professionals in the residential real estate industry. We have been working with a team of developers at QuartSoft Corp. for over a year now and have been very happy with their performance. We recently receiving outside funding over the last few months based upon the progressof the product that was developed and it is just now being released into the market. The development team at QuartSoft Corp. has been an important part of the development of our product and I view them to be a reliable and competent software development firm.

Josh Peterson, President & CEO Rentfeeder, Inc