Coral Isle

Coral Isle - Social Game 


Started as an experiment within QuartSoft’s Flash team in 2013, our farming simulation social network game “Coral Isle” has turned into a favorite pastime for 20 000+ players on Facebook.

Inspired with the initial success of our first big social game project, the team of QuartSoft keeps on learning the nuts and bolts of the social gaming business. We enjoy the experience we are acquiring through the “Coral Isle” project and we are pleased to be often compared with household names in the industry by engaged players. Sure, we are not a high-flying game developing company so far but the successful outset gives us lots of hope for the bright future of our Game Development Department.

Having being active in the field of graphic design and web solutions for over 10 years, QuartSoft employs a team of talented artists, animators and Flash programmers to work on both Rich Media Applications and games. Players’ positive response to “Coral Isle” motivates us to constantly expand our game development skills to meet the latest social network entertainment demands and explore new profit opportunities for QuartSoft and our associates.


SOAR Nation has been a business partner/client of QuartSoft Corp. since August 2010. In that period of time, QuartSoft Corp. has been instrumental in developing the technological backbone of the organization. As a result, SOAR Nation has recently entered negotiations with several investment groups regarding angel and venture capital investment.

Yan Agaev, President/CEO SOAR Nation, Inc.

QuartSoft  Corp. has been an intricate part of the development and growth of VoiceBase Inc. They designed and built our company’s web service, which is the central aspect of our business. This has expanded our company and created many jobs in the United States. We highly recommend QuartSoft Corp. 

Walter Bachtiger, President & CEO VoiceBase, Inc.