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Business Quote of the Day [Peter F. Drucker]


QuartSoft Corp. is a big supporter of businessmen and entrepreneurs as any of them can be our potential client for web / mobile design and development services. So in order to inspire businessmen we decided to publish a series of royalty free business tips and quotes images. Continue reading

Boston Marathon. Trends Illustrated.


We keep on illustrating trends. We noticed that the Boston Marathon (#BostonMarathon) is trending today. We love sports and how people from all over the world get united during such events. We really hope that last year’s sad story will never repeat again and the Marathon organizers will cooperate with law enforcement agencies to ensure security. Continue reading

Illustrated Startup Quotes [Seth Goldstein on Choosing an Investor]


Entrepreneurs who are about to launch their startups or those who need to boost their design and development team are QuartSoft’s major clients outsourcing their IT needs to our graphic designers and web/mobile programmers. Our work with startups inspired us to follow news and developments in the field of entrepreneurship. Members of creative team read articles startups and follow forums where entrepreneurs share their ideas and concerns. Continue reading

National Siblings Day. Trends Illustrated.


The creative team of QuartSoft has decided to monitor trends in social media and news to make some illustrations based on what’s popular in the Internet right now. Our creative team has checked the US Twitter trends and noticed the National Siblings Day (#NationalSiblingsDay) is trending today. So here is a Creative Commons picture for those who celebrate the day. This is a royalty free image created by one of QuartSoft’s artists. Continue reading

No Way Back to the Future Illustration


Do you know why it’s so cool to have a whole department of artists, illustrators and graphic designers as we do at QuartSoft? Well, a group of creative people with drawing and designing talents allows you to have pretty much any visual content idea professionally implemented. Continue reading