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Creating Infographics


The digital era world is overwhelmed with the never-ending information flow from all kinds of sources. People have become less attentive and patient when it comes to getting information they need. If some 100 years ago the most common source of information was books and other print media, the things have changed in the age of the World Wide Web when the access to multiple sources and formats of data make people choose the quickest way of consuming information. Continue reading

Business Quote of the Day [Warren Buffett]


We keep on sharing business quote images to inspire entrepreneurs who can become our clients for web / mobile design and development services. Hopefully our collection of business quote will spread around the Internet and attract some potential clients’ eyeballs. Continue reading

Custom Website Design. What It Takes to Make It?


QuartSoft’s ability to create websites that are perfectly tailored for our customers’ business requirements is the main reason why our web design and development team enjoys many loyal clients and acquires new ones on the regular basis. But what it takes to build a custom website with the look and feel pleasing both the business owner and target audience? Continue reading

Illustrated Business Quotes [Dave Barry]


Some business quotes are easy to illustrate as they have a less abstract message. Today’s quote is funny but true, so one of QuartSoft’s artists decided to illustrate it.

So the quote is by Dave Barry and it goes like: “If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be 'meetings'.Continue reading

Outstanding Restaurant Website Design


If you ask me what my favorite website designed by QuartSoft is I would not hesitate to answer that it would be a website created for the Sabroso Mexican grille restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant website does not have the original QuartSoft's design any longer after they changed the look of the site for some reson. Continue reading