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Internet Structure Explained by Illustrator


Internet is certainly one of the greatest inventions of all times. It’s huge. Being a basis for the World Wide Web, it not only educates and entertains us but it also creates thousands upon thousands of jobs all over the world. Continue reading

Christmas Cards Designed by Quartsoft


It’s been a really difficult year for Ukrainian people and they all hope for a miracle that would bring peace, stability and prosperity to our country. That’s why QuartSoft’s employees are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. We are hungry for positive emotions and exciting expectations of changes that would make our lives better. After a year of turmoil that’s still going on in our country we are going to enter the New Year with lots of hopes and aspirations about the future of both our team and our country. Continue reading

Ebola Infographic


Ebola is one of the biggest world’s concerns today after the recent outbreak of the disease in Africa and a few cases in North America and Western Europe. People in America and Europe are freaking out about another pathogen that kills between 50% and 90% of its victims and causes some frightening symptoms. The reason for panic is obviously a lack of information regarding the virus that has been unknown to the general public in the first world countries. Continue reading

What’s Internet of Things? Explained by Illustrator.


Being an IT outsourcing company, our task is not only to offer information technology services to our clients but also to explain lots of things to clients, prospects and partners. We also love an idea of educating people on information technologies which, as we believe, can popularize the IT industry and expand awareness about all the benefits it can bring to both consumers and entrepreneurs. Continue reading

Funny Halloween Cards


Our creative team could not omit Hallowing without creating a few artworks. After all this holiday allows for lots of creativity and imagination. And creativity and imagination is exactly what we need and want to practice as much as possible. So we’ve decided to create a few Halloween greeting cards that we are going to share with our friends and followers. Continue reading