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There is a Graphic Design Department here at QuartSoft that can boast of extremely talented designers and artists. This department is in fact a driving force for QuartSoft’s business as they not only take part in the majority of our projects involving web and mobile design, branding and illustrations but, by doing this, they create something that can be showcased to the world and attract new clients to our company. Continue reading

Life of Steve Jobs in Images


There are people at QuartSoft’s Marketing Department who believe that the best way to promote our web design and development business is being also creative outside of paid projects. Dmitriy Nesterov, marketing manager with amateur animation skills, and Helen Stoyka, QuartSoft’s new designer and artist, decided to pay tribute to Steve Jobs in an unusual way. They wanted to create an animated biography of the great Apple founder. Continue reading

Best of QuartSoft’s Web Design of 2009


I continue to demonstrate the best works of QuarSoft’s web design portfolio. Today I am going to show some interesting designs from 2009. I am not a graphic designer myself, so, as I told you in my last post featuring designs of 2005-2008, I’d like to showcase the works that I believe stay out of the crowd because a little bit of art and vibrant colors were added to the design. Continue reading

Creating a logo for a photography business


Anastasiya Plaksiy - QuartSoft web designerI like watching our artists and graphic designers work. It’s mesmerizing. I’ve always been amazed at how an artist is able to turn an idea into the final image like an illustration or logo. So I decided to ask our graphic designers to make videos of their work. Continue reading

Best of QuartSoft’s Web Design of 2005-2008


I have recently come across QuartSoft’s web design archives and I could not help writing this post to share the most creative web design projects we worked on since 2005. Although our team has completed more than 1000 web design and development projects there are some graphic designs that I believe stand out from the crowd. These are websites where images and colors play a major role of conveying the essence of the business the website is about. And I personally love websites with a little bit of art added to them. Continue reading