Life of Steve Jobs in Images

There are people at QuartSoft’s Marketing Department who believe that the best way to promote our web design and development business is being also creative outside of paid projects. Dmitriy Nesterov, marketing manager with amateur animation skills, and Helen Stoyka, QuartSoft’s new designer and artist, decided to pay tribute to Steve Jobs in an unusual way. They wanted to create an animated biography of the great Apple founder.

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If there had been no Steve Jobs the information technology industry would have probably been not that thriving as it is today. Without Jobs there would have not been millions of IT jobs all over the world. And our company most probably would have not been created and we would have never enjoyed so many wonderful things Steve Jobs helped bring to life. Apple Computer Inc. has not only given us revolutionary products such as computers Apple I, Apple II, Macintosh and gadgets like iPod, iPhone and iPad. The competition and partnership with Apple helped other big players such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel and others re-invent the information technology industry and open the door to the digital era. The influence of Jobs went beyond the technology when he became the CEO of Pixar Animation Studios. Pixar’s breakthrough in computer-generated animation set the new standards of the industry and won millions of hearts with absolutely marvelous films like Toy Story, Monsters Inc., A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo and other animated movies of unsurpassed quality and creativity.

As employees of an IT company, QuartSoft staff couldn’t help but express their enormous respect and gratitude to Steve Jobs. Two of them have made it in the form of an animated tribute that suggested creation of a big number of cartoon images showing the most important moments of Steve Jobs’s life. We’d like to share those images here in our creative blog:

baby steve jobs with biological parents Abdulfattah John Jandali and Joanne Carole Schieble
One of the first days of Steve’s life with his biological mother and father in San Francisco (1955)


baby steve jobs with adoptive parents Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs
Baby Steve with his adoptive parents (1955)


Steve Jobs family moving from San Francisco to Mountain View
Jobs family moving from San Francisco to Mountain View, California (1961)


Steve Jobs with his father working on first electronics
Steve’s father is showing him how to work on electronics (1961)


Steve Jobs teacher Imogene Hill
Steve's 4th-grade teacher Imogene Hill bribing him back into learning with candy and money (1965)


Steve Jobs and HP 9100A desktop computer
Steve Jobs looking at HP 9100A – the first desktop computer in his life (1968)


Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak for the first time
Bill Fernandez introducing Steve to his neighbor Steve Wozniak (1971)


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak using blue box
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs using a "blue box" designed by Wozniak to call Vatican City (1972)


Steve Jobs at Reed College
Steve Jobs enrolling at Reed College in Portland, Oregon (1972)


Steve Jobs drops out of Reed College
Steve dropping out of college (1973)


Steve Jobs attending calligraphy course at Reed College
Steve still attending a course on calligraphy in college (1973)


Steve Jobs first job at Atari featuring game Pong
Steve’s first job at Atari (1974)


Steve Jobs in India with Daniel Kottke
Steve Jobs’s spiritual trip to India with his friend Daniel Kottke (1974)


Steve Jobs selling Volkswagen van
Steve Wozniak selling his expensive HP 65 calculator and Jobs his Volkswagen van to get the $1,000 they needed to print out Apple I circuit boards (1976)


Apple Computer founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne
Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne founding Apple Computers (1976)


Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs at Homebrew Computer Club
Jobs and Wozniak are presenting their computer to the Homebrew Computer Club (1976)


Paul Terrell of the Byte Shop and Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs talking with Paul Terrell about the possibility of selling the Apple I kits in his computer store (1976)


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak at Cramer Electronics
Jobs and Wozniak negotiating the purchase of $15,000 worth of parts needed to fill the Byte Shop order on credit at Cramer Electronics (1976)


Original Apple I team - Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Patty Jobs, Dan Kottke and his girlfriend Elizabeth
The Apple Computer team assembling 50 computers for The Byte Shop in the Jobs family garage (1976)


First 50 Apple computers delivered to The Byte Shop
Steve Jobs delivering the first 50 Apple computers to Paul Terrell (1976)


Steve Jobs, Mike Markkula and a bank check
Mike Markkula investing $92,000 in Apple for about a third ownership in the company (1977)


Apple II computer presentation at West Coast Computer Faire
Steve Jobs presenting the Apple II at the first West Coast Computer Faire (1977)


Steve Jobs Xerox PARC visit with Bill Atkinson, Mike Scott, Jef Reskin, Bruce Daniels, Steve Jobs, John Couch, Bruce Horn (Apple) and Adele Goldberg, Larry Tesler, Daniel Ingalls (Xerox PARC)
Steve Jobs is visiting Xerox PARC with a group of Apple engineers and executives in exchange for 100 000 Apple shares at about $10 each (1979)


Apple Lisa team Steve Jobs, Paul Baker, Bruce Daniels, Chris Franklin, Rich Page, John Couch, Larry Tessler
Jobs working with the Lisa project team: Paul Baker, Bruce Daniels, Chris Franklin, Rich Page, John Couch, Larry Tessler (1981)


Steve Jobs at International Design Conference in Aspen
Jobs attending the annual International Design Conference in Aspen to get inspired with the spare and functional design philosophy of the Bauhaus movement (1981)

The original Apple Macintosh team incl. Steve Jobs, George Crow, Burrell Smith, Joanna Hoffman, Bud Tribble, Andy Hertzfeld, Susan Kare, Jerry Manock, Bill Atkinson Steve Jobs working with the Macintosh project team: George Crow, Burrell Smith, Joanna Hoffman, Bud Tribble, Andy Hertzfeld, Susan Kare, Jerry Manock, Bill Atkinson (1983)

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates with Apple Macintosh computer
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discussing the Mac GUI and future cooperation between Apple and Microsoft (1983)


John Sculley and Steve Jobs
Jobs offering the position of Apple’s CEO to Pepsi-Cola president John Sculley (1983)


Apple Macintosh launch
The Macintosh launch event (1984)


John Sculley fired Steve Jobs from Apple
CEO John Sculley and the board firing Steve from Apple (1985) [board members: Bill Campbell, Philip S. Schlein, Peter O. Crisp, Al Eisenstadt, Del Yocam, John Sculley, Arthur Rock, Henry E. Singleton, Mike Markkula, Regis McKenna, Steve Jobs]


Steve Jobs founds NeXT Inc. with George Crow, Rich Page, Susan Barnes, Bud Tribble and Danl Lewin
Establishing NeXT Inc. (1985)


Steve Jobs founds Pixar with Ed Catmull, Alvy Ray Smith, John Lasseter
Buying the computer division of George Lucas' ILM for $10 million and incorporating it as Pixar (1986)


Steve Jobs with the NeXTcube computer
Jobs introducing the NeXTcube computer (1988)


Steve Jobs during Pixar Disney negotiations
Negotiating a cooperation agreement between Pixar and Disney (1991)


Steve Jobs with John Lasseter during the Toy Story animation film project
Visiting the Pixar team working on the Toy Story animated film (1995)


Steve Jobs returns to Apple as adviser to CEO Gil Amelio
Steve Jobs returning to Apple as an "informal adviser" to CEO Gil Amelio (1996)


Steve Jobs becomes Apple CEO with board members Jerry York, Bill Campbell, Ed Woolard, Larry Ellison, Gareth Chang
Becoming an interim CEO of Apple (1997) [board members: Jerry York, Bill Campbell, Ed Woolard, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Gareth Chang]


Peace pact between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
The peace pact between Apple and Microsoft and the Microsoft’s $150 million investment in Apple (1997)


Steve Jobs is discussing iMac computer with Jony Ive, featuring Danny Coster
Jobs discussing design of the iMac computer with Jony Ive (1997)


Steve Jobs launches iMac
Steve Jobs introducing Apple's revolutionary iMac at the Flint Center auditorium in Cupertino (1998)


The iPod team
The iPod team (Jon Rubinstein, Tony Fadell, Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller, Jony Ive) sharing ideas on the product with Steve Jobs (2001)


Steve Jobs iPod presentation
Steve Jobs introducing iPod (2001)


Steve Jobs pancreatic cancer disease
Steve Jobs is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (2003)


Multi-touch technology Apple iPhone featuring iPhone team
Jobs is on a secret meeting discussing the multi-touch technology for the future Apple’s cell phone (2005)


Steve Jobs iPhone presentation
Steve Jobs introducing iPhone (2007)


Steve Jobs iPad screen sizes
Steve Jobs selecting the right size of the future iPad (2007)


Steve Jobs iPad presentation
Steve Jobs introducing iPad (2010)


Steve Jobs dies
Steve Jobs dies at 56 on October 5, 2011

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