Best of QuartSoft’s Web Design of 2005-2008

I have recently come across QuartSoft’s web design archives and I could not help writing this post to share the most creative web design projects we worked on since 2005. Although our team has completed more than 1000 web design and development projects there are some graphic designs that I believe stand out from the crowd. These are websites where images and colors play a major role of conveying the essence of the business the website is about. And I personally love websites with a little bit of art added to them.

I’d like to start from years 2005-2008 when QuartSoft managed to form a really skilled team of graphic designers with a strong flair for a beautiful web design and harmonious page layout. Of course those were the days when the mobile optimization and responsive web design were not a trend and our graphic artists could experiment with image-rich web pages. They were obviously enjoying the freedom of creativity before neat, flat websites became the mainstream for the sake of mobile compatibility. In years 2005-2008 we used lots of pictures, photo collages and bespoke illustrations to create some beautiful website designs for our clients. Interactive flash websites were also popular and we created a few of them too. Many of those sites were later redesigned to fit new trends, some don’t exist anymore but I’d still like to honor our artists by showing their old portfolio here.

Note: some of designs herein may contain dummy text used for design purposes only.

So here are top web design examples produced by QuartSoft in 2005-2008:

Website for a handmade jewelry artist

website design for a handmade jewelry artist

Website for a bedclothes manufacturer

website for a bedclothes manufacturer

Website for an apparel and accessories vendor

website for an apparel and accessories vendor

Website for a domestic agency

website design for a domestic agency

Website for a stationery vendor

website design for a stationery vendor

Flesh website for a jewelry store

flesh website design for a jewelry store

Website for an association of business owners

Website for a pillow designer

website design for business owners assiciation
website design for a pillow designer

By Dmytro Nesterov

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