Creating Infographics

The digital era world is overwhelmed with the never-ending information flow from all kinds of sources. People have become less attentive and patient when it comes to getting information they need. If some 100 years ago the most common source of information was books and other print media, the things have changed in the age of the World Wide Web when the access to multiple sources and formats of data make people choose the quickest way of consuming information. So to draw audience’s attention to whatever you want to demonstrate you need make sure you offer people engaging and unusual content such as infographics.

Even the most boring things can become interesting if presented in an unusual visual way. That’s way many companies started to market their products and services through infographics. Infographics seem to be an offbeat and eye-catching format of information that became an extremely popular due to its ability to condense lots of data on a single page and make it more digestible through visual perception. That’s the reason why infographics have quickly become a trend in the online marketing.

Creativity and graphic design quality constitute important ingredients of the infographic success among humor and originality. So having the entire graphic design team with some talented and creative artists in our company we could not miss the trend. QuartSoft’s graphic designers have recently started creating infographics for our company management needs and we are hoping to provide the custom infographic design services to our clients soon. Below are some fragments of our best infographic designs:

information technology infographic, samsung
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oldest businesses infographic
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history of iphone technologies infographic
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By Dmytro Nesterov