About this Blog

There is a Graphic Design Department here at QuartSoft that can boast of extremely talented designers and artists. This department is in fact a driving force for QuartSoft’s business as they not only take part in the majority of our projects involving web and mobile design, branding and illustrations but, by doing this, they create something that can be showcased to the world and attract new clients to our company.

The entire team of QuartSoft is proud of our experienced graphic designers and really appreciates their artistic flair. These guys are on the frontline of our portfolio expanding. The visual content they create makes a good first impression on our potential clients and makes them want to know more about QuartSoft and services our team can offer. Therefore we’ve made a decision to dedicate a whole blog to QuartSoft’s creative people and their work. That’s why we called this blog “Creativity Unleashed”. We hope that this blog will inspire people to outsource more web design, mobile design and graphic design projects to our team.