According to some experts, advances of web technologies, faster and cheaper Internet along with affordable mobile devices will facilitate access to medical care for people in any part of the world. The team of QuartSoft is proud of having implemented one of online healthcare concepts which is likely to be common in the near future. The Green Ivy Health website was built to provide free access to online health management tools for patients with chronic diseases (asthma in the case with GIH) under remote control of their physicians enabled through the same application.
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1. Pleasant Looking “Healthy” Design

The Green Ivy Health application is equally useful for both patients and for physicians as it gives those who suffer with a chronic condition a comforting awareness of being constantly monitored by a doctor. At the same time physicians can make use of long-time monitoring and recording features of this healthcare application to better understand the nature of the disease and develop the treatment strategy as well as to control and optimize the medication use process for preventing crisis situations.
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Green Ivy Health provides patients with free medication reminders, health management tools, and valuable rewards (with participating insurance plans).
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For Physicians
Green Ivy Health helps you connect with patients between office visits, giving you free access to patient information and guideline-driven decision tools.
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2. Online Health Management Tools

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