Buyam: Online Shopping Mall for Nigerian eCommerce Market

The digital era has brought new opportunities in almost any sphere of human life. Shopping is not an exception. In addition, shopping has become one of the most fertile fields in regards of digitizing and transferring to the World Wide Web. Online shopping is definitely a revolutionary solution for businesses and consumers all over the world.
1. Robust eCommerce platform 2. Convenient checkout process 3. Multiple admin roles


Online stores have been around for more than a decade, and they became a part of our everyday life. Due to fierce competition online shopping evolves quite rapidly to provide the fastest and most convenient services to people who prefer buying things on the Internet. The eCommerce landscape is pretty much saturated in the first-world countries like the United States, EU, Japan and Australia but nevertheless there is always an opportunity to tap into the ever-growing potential of the digital commerce business. You can do it by either offering a new solution to online shoppers or vendors or entering a developing market with a tried and true eCommerce platform.

The eCommerce development team of QuartSoft Corp has created a remarkable online marketplace platform that exploits both opportunities – offering a convenient solution for buyers and merchants, including even offline sellers that are willing to go online, as well as filling eCommerce voids of the developing Nigeria market.

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The service is called Buyam, and it works like an online shopping mall where vendors can rent a virtual place to sell their products. An online shopper can make purchases from multiple merchants and check out with a single payment transaction. An online shopping mall is not a new concept. There are similar services such as, Shopzilla, eCRATER, PriceGrabber, etc. However, the Buyam project is likely to expand horizons of the Nigerian digital commerce industry. Now let’s have a closer look at the anatomy of the Buyam service.

From wireframes to design
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Virtual Shopping Mall

The Buyam’s tag line goes like “Your Very Own High Street, Online!” So in order to create the high street atmosphere the eCommerce developers of QuartSoft have created a virtual multistory shopping mall building where vendors can rent a store. The list of stores on each floor is right there for customers to be able to see what shops/brands are offering their products on the site. It's a remarkable feature that is likely to make Buyam stand out from the crowd. It definitely helps the Nigerian public easier transfer from conventional shopping to online shopping. It also stimulates offline merchants to try new opportunities the eCommerce business can offer.

A virtual shopping mall creates an atmosphere of the high street
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Showcase and Content Management

The Buyam system offers the entire array of tools designed to showcase and promote merchants / products as well as to introduce new vendors and fresh product arrivals to customers.

Buyam offers advertising and showcasing opportunities to vendors
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Each merchant is provided with a separate admin panel by means of which he/she can manage products and
product categories, brands, special offers, on-site advertising options, orders, shipment data and user roles.


Super Admin

Has a complete over site on all the functions in the system, this user can create, modify items on the platform and manage the overall operations on the system.


Merchant Store Admin

This is a user on the Merchant's end. The user has the administrative rights to manage a store or stores assigned to him by the Super Admin or Buyam MS Admin. The user can also create Store Manager(s) of their store(s); manage their store products, promotions, vouchers, campaigns etc.


Buyam Merchant Support (MS)

This user has the same right as the Merchant Store Admin minus the right to create or manage Store Managers and view store financial reports.


Buyam Merchant Support (MS) Admin

This user has the right to create Stores, users (with the following roles - Merchant Store Admin, Buyam MS Store Admin, Buyam MS Store Admin or Merchant Store Manager) Products, Categories and all other operations related to managing a Merchant's Store.

User roles

We have implemented 8 kinds of user roles with different account management rights and functionalities.


Buyam Customer Support (CS) Agent

This user manages orders (with the delivery process) assigned to their profile by the Buyam CS Admin.


Mercha nt Store Manager

This is also a user on the Merchant's end.
The user will be able to update inventory details and prices for only the store(s) that have been assigned to the user (Store Manager in this case).


Buyam Customer Support (CS) Admin

This user has the administrative rights for customer order management and delivery management. The user can create Buyam CS Agents, assign orders to Buyam CS Agent or reassign already assigned order to another Buyam CS Agent.


Buyam Book Keeper

This user manages all accounting related functions and can generate all accounting reports.


Product Search

When it comes to online stores, the most important thing for a buyer is to be able to quickly find the best offer and/or pinpoint a particular product. The Buyam system provides quite a few product searching tools for buyers to locate a product or a store they are looking for within a few seconds. The range of search tools includes a traditional search bar as well as a number of filters allowing shoppers to filter out some undesirable items to leave only those that are of interest.
Besides using a search bar, a shopper can browse items by product, store, product category as well as by a range of specific criteria filters like price range, brand, color etc.A merchant is likely to desire that an online buyer would discover his/her product even without having to pay for advertising. A cross-selling feature is in fact popular with both vendors and buyers as it allows even newbie sellers to get their products found by more customers while buyers can discover the best offers or new items they would want to purchase right now or in the future. The cross-selling functionality of the Buyam platform is implemented through a “Recommended for You” feature.

  • Product filters
  • Product filters
Buyam has various kinds of product filters designed to let online shoppers find the best offers
Recommended for you

Product Feedbacks
and Reviews

A product / store rate and feedback system is a highly important tool for online shoppers, merchants, and even eCommerce platform owners. The system ensures a decent quality of services and products offered in online stores registered on the Buyam platform. Positive feedbacks and rates make a positive reputation for an online store. If there is a feedback system on the site, no one will want to repel clients with negative comments. For this reason, merchants will do their best to provide the best quality products as well as handling and delivery services. A thoughtful vendor will certainly be willing to please buyers to gain more positive feedbacks and become a reputable vendor that customers want to deal with as often as possible. As to online marketplace owners, the feedback system allows them to eradicate as many fraudulent activities as possible while enabling customers to find trusted vendors. When a system like this is available in a web store, a customer feels more protected because sellers are more willing to cooperate in a possible dispute resolution to avoid a negative review. No wonder such eCommerce giants as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc. extensively use the feedback and review features that have become an integral part of any professional online shop.


4. Checkout Process

The most practical and thus valuable feature of online stores like Buyam is the checkout system. It allows purchasing things from multiple merchants while paying them with a single checkout transaction. In fact, this kind of payment convenience attracts both online shoppers and vendors and thus creates even more chances for the eCommerce success.


Buyam payment feature allows paying with
major credit cards as well as with a local
Nigerian online payment gateway

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The eCommerce system like Buyam allows a business owner to make money by offering a web-based selling infrastructure to offline and online stores. It possesses some features that are likely to attract online shoppers who appreciate the comfort of buying through the Internet. The online shopping mall functionality is convenient for both avid online shoppers who prefer buying anything from food to TV-sets online and those who have to buy things online in remote places where lots of products are unavailable or their range is limited. The Buyam offers merchants a robust digital commerce platform as a service along with on-site advertising and promotion opportunities. It provides an easy start for offline retailers willing to expand their business online and target buyers all across Nigeria. Since Buyam is powered by Magento, one of the most sophisticated eCommerce solutions in the market, the owner of the online shopping mall and its clients can expect all kinds of improvements and new features as the business grows.

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