How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing ECommerce in 2017


Are you interested in using artificial intelligence in your eCommerce business, but have little understanding of how it can be incorporated? Artificial intelligence has grown fast over the last 7 years and the technology is only getting better. Businesses are already taking advantage of them to reap the rewards. There are a number of benefits to be had such as getting more sales and saving time. Continue reading

Why Code Testing Is the Most Important Element before Website Launch


Code testing or software testing is an integral part of the process before an organization launches its website or software. Continue reading

The Right Hosting Solution For Your Ecommerce Business


Nowadays, most shopping is done online. If your business lacks a web presence, it’s likely no one would even know about it. When starting your own ecommerce venture, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is hosting. If you’re just starting out and you have no prior experience with setting up a website, it all can get a bit confusing. Continue reading

Why Your ECommerce Business Should Start Holiday Planning Now


Summer is drawing to a close and children are headed back to school. As an ecommerce business, you should be planning and setting goals for the holiday season. Times can be stressful with deciding what inventory to buy and hold, pricing products and uncovering how to advertise to untapped markets. Without an effective plan, you could lose the opportunity to receive a higher revenue during the holiday shopping season than last year. Continue reading

5 Useful Tools for the Small Business Techie


Some entrepreneurs and small business owners are more technologically inclined than others, but it is nearly inconceivable to think that a small company will be able to survive these days without the assistance of technology. In today's highly competitive business climate, entrepreneurs should take advantage of the many tech tools available to enhance their business processes.

Here are five tools that will appeal to all small business owners, particularly those who think of themselves as being techies: Continue reading


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