How AI and Live Agents Can Help Deliver Better Customer Care


Artificial intelligence isn't just a pipe dream anymore. In fact, this technology is dramatically changing the ways we conduct business — and so-called "chatbots," powered by AI, are quickly becoming a viable customer service channel. If your business is contemplating adding chatbots to enhance the overall customer care experience, you're certainly not alone. Continue reading

What Makes SEO So Important for Small Businesses in 2017?


No one said running a business is an easy job. Going gets especially tough for independent brands, which need to establish their own brand image from scratch. Marketing is all about digital media now. No one relies on a print medium to reach out to the target audiences who have his or her head buried in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Businesses that target a more tech-savvy market often rely on different forms of digital marketing including social media marketing and SEM for reaching out to the right audience. Continue reading

Building the Foundation for a Solid E-Business


Since the advent of the internet, and with computers and other productivity tools more affordable than ever, the workplace has taken on an entirely new dynamic, with new ways of working now commonplace in many businesses and industries. Continue reading

How to Succeed in the New Digital E-Commerce Universe


Looking ahead to 2020, entrepreneurs should realize that not only do we live in a different world that has become largely digital, but that a powerful online business presence is crucial to success in the new ecommerce universe. Continue reading

Another Magento-Certified Employee in Our Ecommerce Development Team


We would like to congratulate Eugene Zakharchuk, QuartSoft’s Magento developer, who became a Magento-certified developer after successfully passing the certification exam on September 18, 2017.

Eugene is the second QuartSoft employee who has earned an official Magento certificate this year. Petr Zui received a certificate of the Magento solution specialist in June. Continue reading


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