How to Enhance User Experience in a Mobile-First Age


Much has been said about the relationship between user experience (UX) and the increased use of mobile devices. What better time is there for this conversation to dominate the internet community than now? More than ever, technology is impacting the way users interact online, the internet, ever-evolving, influencing this strongly. This has implications for web designers, developers, and website owners. Continue reading

Three Things to Consider When Marketing To the Student Demographic


When you are marketing on the web, understanding your demographic is absolutely key to setting the right strategies and making the most gains. Whether you are trying to sell products, build brand recognition, or even just get more traffic to your blog, understanding who your best customers are and then marketing to them in a targeted way is crucial to getting the results you want. Continue reading

6 Tips on Building a Stronger Website Brand


Website design is an important part of growing your business and your brand. You need to draw the attention of your target audience to your website in order to sell more products and services. The design of your brand and website is essential to help you connect with current customers, sell to new ones and encourage loyalty and recognition. Website design is always evolving, but some changes can confuse customers. Continue reading

Simple Yet Highly Effective Tips to Create eCommerce Marketing Videos


As you probably know – videos are a great tool for marketing ecommerce products, as they are able to pull in a wide audience, engage viewers, and ultimately convert them. While all that is true, you may find that it is easier said than done – especially if you aren’t sure how to create great marketing videos. Continue reading

How to Boost Cybersecurity to Benefit Your Website


When you’ve finally got a website up and running, it’s tempting to sit back and let it go. But creating the website is only the first step. In today’s always-online society, all sorts of secure information travels back and forth across the internet, and in addition to keeping your own information safe, you have a responsibility to your visitors to make sure your website is secure. Continue reading


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