Easy Ways to Boost Your Existing Business IT Performance


If your business IT is doing well, there’s no point changing all of it. You might have just made the move to the cloud, or implemented a hybrid IT infrastructure. If this is the case, then you won’t want to go through the hassle of updating our IT all over again. However, you might be noticing areas that need improvement, or gaps that you feel are letting your business down. If that’s the case, then you could look at these smaller changes. Continue reading

Startup Marketing: 5 Areas to Get Started


Putting all the elements in place to establish a business may be easier than convincing customers and clients to come flocking in. Startups are often starved for resources. Anyone can understand that. However, it is the foundation that counts; your efforts can be small at first. After all, you have to start somewhere – and the best place is at the beginning. Continue reading

How Web-Based Technology Influenced Online Gaming Business


The online gaming industry has changed dramatically since its beginnings. We have gone a long way from waiting rooms to consoles in a quite a short period of time. In spite of these fast changes, the purpose of iGaming has always remained the same and that is to entertain users in the first place. Video games have become upgraded in the terms of graphics, as we are quickly adapting to new platforms and new trends. Continue reading

Beginners Guide to Conversion Rate Optimisation


The concept of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is often misunderstood by businesses and marketers alike. In the simplest of terms, conversion refers to when visitors to your website take an action that you actually want them to take. Continue reading

5 Ways to Protect Your E-Commerce Site from Hackers


Both small and medium sized e-commerce businesses are likely to be targeted by cyber attackers. As a matter of fact, 38 percent of all cyber-attacks in 2015 were e-commerce breaches. When you combine those statistics, it paints a bleak future for e-commerce businesses — one that’s full of security breaches and angry customers. Continue reading


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