KISS Technique for Young Online Businesses


The word “KISS” can mean a lot more than physical affection. KISS - or “Keep it simple, stupid!” finds its way into all kinds of business practices, especially online. It’s easy to look at a competitor’s website and get hung up on one-upping their web presence. But don’t take that so far that you overdo it either. Continue reading

Tips to Help Keep Your Small Business Database in Order


Every business today, regardless of its size, will benefit significantly from a well maintained database. However, when it comes to the small businesses, there are several areas in which they struggle. Some of the areas include emailing and social media among others. This is what leads most business owners to ask the question, which is the best program for a database? Continue reading

The Essentials of Cloud Computing and Data Recovery You Need to Know Today


Cloud computing is no longer a part of Sci-Fi movies or a scientist’s wild imagination. It is the reality of business management and IT data storage. Most businesses are opting for data storage, and backup in the cloud due to the sense of security that cloud storage systems usually bring. With the recent surge of malware and ransomware attacks including WannaCry and Bad Rabbit are making entrepreneurs and data engineers more cautious about data storage and security. It is much cheaper and easier than setting up an independent infrastructure for business processes. Continue reading

The Importance of Using Emotions in Your Web Design Strategy


The entire world of IT is involved in some sort of a strategy. Each strategy is meant to improve a service and pitch a product more effectively. This time we will see what we can do to create an emotional connection between your content and the visitors reading it. Continue reading

How to Spot Bad Web Hosting Companies - 21 Warning Signs [Infographic]


The web hosting provider that you choose can make or break your brand. Apart from selecting a robust platform to build your blog or website, you also need to pick a reliable hosting provider if you want to see a steady rise in your online business.

Thus, it is important that you do a thorough research on the web hosting provider before selecting it, as a bad web host could jeopardise your brand’s reputation. Continue reading


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