Are You a Designer? Self-Diagnose Today with the 15 Key Signs


Have you seen the memes about designers that’s doing their rounds on Facebook and 9gag? Have you laughed every time you have come across it? Wait! That just means you exactly know why they are funny and that means you might just be one of the “stereotyped” designers. Continue reading

10 Website Trends to Expect in 2017


The internet has been around for over 25 years now, but that doesn’t mean websites have always looked the same. In fact, all you need to do is check out a page that hasn’t updated since the 1990s to see just how far web design has come since then. Today, web pages boast sleeker designs, greater levels of interactivity, and much larger volumes of visual data. Continue reading

6 Tips to Help Achieve Minimalism in Web Design


Design in the 21st century has veered away from intricate frills and opulence known to previous periods of design history. Web design showcases this very clearly as minimalist, creative and out-of-the-box designing is the current trend. Continue reading

6 UI/UX Designing Tips That Can Improve Your Conversion Rates


The Design is a rather vague and broad term. When someone says “I am a UI or UX designer,” you really don’t get what actually they do as there are a number of different responsibilities comprised by the umbrella term designer. Roles related to design exist in a wide range of various areas of industrial design (furniture or vehicles) to teach (Mobile apps or websites) to print (technical drafts or magazines). Where do UI and UX design fits in? Continue reading

Five Modern Web Design Trends You Need to Know About


The web seems to change every year. As a team of web designers, we need to stay on top of these changes; else we’ll be left behind by savvier competitors.

The Internet is probably one of the most mercurial technologies mankind has ever developed. In just the few short decades it’s been around, it’s changed more than anyone could have possibly imagined. The Internet of today looks nothing like the Internet of yesterday, and will in no way resemble the Internet of tomorrow. Continue reading

The Web Design Building Blocks You Need to Know about


If you are a small business owner then you know that having a strong online presence is really crucial for success. And one of the best ways to boost your online presence is by having a website. But when it comes to website development there is probably plenty of technical jargon to make you unaware of what is going on. Continue reading

Need a Website for Your Fashion Business? Make Sure You Choose the Right Web Designers.


The Ever-Growing Market of Fashion and Beauty

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses built around fashion and the people’s desire to look stylish. Thousands more of big and small companies are about to emerge in the industry all over the world. It’s a proven fact that looking stylish and beautiful helps us be successful in our personal life and career. Have you ever thought about the fact that for some people their entire fate depends on how good they look and what they wear? Who does not want to be attractive? Continue reading

Web Design for an Older Audience


Considering an Older User's Needs

An effective and user friendly website is important for older adults, who are now the fastest growing group of internet users. This demographic, which includes the baby boomer generation, are generally looking for websites which will focus on their specific needs and provide an overall positive experience. Continue reading

Best Art and Design Apps under £5


Whether you’re a budding artist or a professional designer, apps for smartphones and tablets offer a wealth of opportunities to experiment with new tools and explore the creative world of art and design.

These are four of the best apps available for under £5 which give you the chance to embrace your creative side with new designs or make unusual edits to current photographs and illustrations. Continue reading

The Best iPad Apps for Web Designers


Editor’s Note: Proliferation of powerful mobile devices makes it possible not only to play games, watch videos, read and write messages but also do the web design job. Web design apps for iPad is something that can attract attention of many web designers wishing to get more mobile and be able to design websites even when away from their laptops and desktop computers. And this article is for them. Continue reading