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VoiceBase is truly one of the biggest gems in QuartSoft's startup web development portfolio. Our team is proud of creating it from scratch and working behind the scenes of this award-winning business, exploring new business models and implementing them in code of a fully functional environment. This article shares our experience in launching hi-tech online startups and our approaches to their development which led to meeting the project goals. Continue reading

Bring Your Startup Ideas to Life with QuartSoft


Innovations are the driving force for a lot of new services emerging each day in the digital era we are living in today. Here in the SF Bay Area we observe hundreds of entrepreneurs coming to the Silicon Valley with the hope of becoming another Google or Apple.

Our company is proud of working in the very center of the Silicon Valley where a lot of innovative ideas are generated and brought to life. We do our best to be involved in this process of technological evolution by providing our support to startups with all our skills and experience acquired over years of working in the domain of web development.

Our team with a huge expertise in building robust fully-featured web platforms for emerging startups is always open for cooperation with aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for IT professionals providing the cutting-edge support and assistance in their ideas implementation at the best rates and on attractive conditions beginning from the concept stage through the seed stage and to the beta release of a product or service.

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