Dedicated vs Shared Hosting: What Does Your Startup Need?


When you're on a tight budget, as most startups are, it is important to squeeze as much goodness as possible from the money you have. There are some things you can't be too cheap about though, and this short guide should hopefully give you a few things to think about. Continue reading

The Top 5 Benefits of Server Virtualization


Although server virtualization on the x86 platform has been around now for more than a decade, many still consider it to be quite a ‘new’ form of technology. However, many of those who have already welcomed and adopted this technology have found that there is no way forward without it, and it’s seemingly impossible to go back to a world that is physical only. Server virtualization has been a technology that’s caused major advances for IT, and has provided both efficiencies and capabilities that simply aren’t possible in a physical only world. Continue reading

Improving Performance of Your Magento Store from Technical Perspective


Slow Online Store Limits Your Ecommerce Opportunities

Following our previous article on migrating Magento stores to the cloud, today our Magento experts want to share some information about how to optimize and speed up Magento-powered websites with extensive traffic and lots of orders for a more efficient and profitable eCommerce business. Continue reading