The Top 10 Task Management Software


When you’re organized, you can accurately execute your tasks within a given time frame.

Whether you’re a freelancer working on a client’s project, or you’re in charge of managing the tasks in your company, every project becomes a fun and rewarding moment.

The truth is that most of your competitors are struggling to attain the top position in your market. Sadly, most of these people are doing it the old-school way: using manual tactics and outdated tools. But you should know better and invest in the right task management software. Continue reading

How to Develop a New Website Effectively


Developing a new website is always a challenge. While there are resources you can use to help tackle the challenges, it is still necessary to have the entire project managed properly. Continue reading

11 Tools Every Successful Project Manager Uses and Why You Should Use Them Too


Project management is nothing new. People have been pitching and managing projects since the olden times. From the Great Wall of China and Pyramids of Giza to mass movements and wars – humans have planned and executed huge projects with their skills. Traditional project management worked well in the old days, but in the fast-paced world of today, it is impossible to handle a to-do list and check off items while memorizing every task that is assigned to team members. Continue reading

Have You Already Found Your Best Project Management Tool?


Out team has recently joined the Software development group in the San Francisco Bay area and we had a chance to talk to local software developers about different topics related to their trade.

So, based on these conversations, we would like to share a few tips on some useful project management tools used by software and web developers.

Here are some quotes from software developers we were honored to interview along with some thoughts and comments of the author of this article regarding suggested PM tools:

"Basecamp is really not a project management tool in the same category as MS Project. Not even close. OpenProj is free PM software. Not as powerful as MS Project but pretty adequate for my needs."

openproj project management tool

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