Why It’s Smart to Outsource IT Projects to Ukraine


According to research, there are about 27 millions of entrepreneurs starting their business in the United States. No doubt, quite a few of them would need to hire IT services providers to build their web presence, develop software or implement startup ideas. Continue reading

How to Outsource Your Human Resources and Why It's a Good Idea


Editor’s note: QuartSoft has been a web / mobile design and development outsourcing partner for years for startups and established businesses from all over the world and especially from the USA. We have even opened an office in the United States to work with those companies who prefer outsourcing their web and mobile development projects within America. The article below gives a few ideas on why outsourcing can be beneficial for businesses. Continue reading

Outsourcing Development to Eastern Europe, Good to Great


How to Find the Right Mobile and Cloud Application Development Company for Your Projects


We offer to your attention the transcript of the recent webinar held by QuartSoft’s Paul Ryazanov entitled “How to Find the Right Mobile and Cloud Application Development Company for Your Projects”.

finding IT workforce
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The IT world has changed completely. Cloud development and mobile development trends of 2012 will carry into 2013. The new “Social. Local. Mobile” trend is expected to further expand its marketing role. A growing competition between companies for customers and investors results in huge changes in business development and software development models. More companies attempt to focus on a specific niche and specific issues to be solved. Business ventures are looking for the ways to pre-empt the market with new solutions before their competitors in a more regular basis than it used to be.

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QuartSoft’s Cloudsourcing Strategy Wins Loyal Customers [Infografics]


Do you know that working with QuartSoft as your outsourced web design and development service provider can actually bring you a lot of benefits? The QuartSoft team has been practicing the cloudsourcing model of implementing our customers’ projects for years to deliver cost-efficient and high quality online business solutions. You can learn more about how our cloudsourcing model works and how it differs from traditional outsourcing in the infographics below (click to enlarge the image): Continue reading