Mobile Games- a Guide to In-Game Purchases


Editor’s Note: Our team has recently launched the Beta version of QuartSoft’s first big social game on Facebook. The game is called “Coral Isle” and it seems to be quickly gaining popularity even at the stage of unstable testing version. The initial success of our game makes us thing about the most effective ways to monetize the game and porting it to mobile platforms in the future. Continue reading

Android vs. iOS: Which Is More Profitable for Developers


We all know that mobile devices are the wave of the future, and it’s becoming clear that the future is now. More people are using mobile computing than ever before and the sheer amount of apps in any one marketplace is certainly indicative of that. When it comes to the earning power of these apps, you might wonder which option is the best. There are plenty of platforms to choose from, but the two options that dominate the discussion are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. But, which one of these two gives you a better chance of actually earning money? Continue reading

Upcoming Webinar: First Steps to Mobile Sites and Apps


Our team is preparing another free webinar which will take place on Wednesday, 21 November at 10:00 a.m. PST. This time QuartSoft’s Eugene Myasushkin will talk about mobile sites and applications.

mobile websites and apps webinar Continue reading

Promoting Mobile Applications


Mobile industry is in its boom today and a lot of businesses as well as individuals are riding the wave to gain benefits from the ever growing popularity of mobile applications which seem to help people in any sphere of live.

Enticed by the always expanding audience of mobile users, businesses, both related and unrelated to mobile development, have tapped into the mobile industry to discover lots of marketing opportunities.

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Mobile Monetization - the Best Way to Convert Mobile Traffic. Tips from Google, Facebook, Beintoo and Others.


Yesterday we had a chance to attend the Mobile Monetization event at Google Inc. where about 90 participants had been discussing the best practices for monetizing mobile applications.

mobile monetization event

Keynote speakers from Google, Facebook and other well-known companies shared their tips and recommendations on the most essential factors to be considered for efficient mobile monetization.

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