Designing a Two-Letter Logo to Improve Your Branding


Logos are the most recognizable symbol of any brand. But not all logos are created equal. Some are so memorable they've become part of pop culture, like the Nike Swoosh or the Mountain Dew icon. Others are easily forgotten like—well, we would have used them in the first example if we remembered them.

Every brand's goal is to create a logo that's easy to remember. One of the best ways to do this is with a lettermark logo. Lettermarks use the brand's initials to create a single symbol that helps customers recognize the brand at a moment's notice. Continue reading

What Your Typography Says About Your Brand


How important is typography? Just ask Coca-Cola, whose famous Spencerian script logo has endured for 130 years. This font marks the world's third most-valuable brand, and it instantly sets Coke's brand apart from competitors. Continue reading

7 Great Tips for Redesigning a Logo [Infographic]


We see familiar logos everywhere we go. So when you redesign a logo, you’re not just rebranding your company. You’re changing part of your customers’ daily lives. Your customers may need some encouragement to accept a new logo, especially when they liked your old design. Continue reading

Designing Perfect Logo for Business [Infographic]


We see logos every single day. On the Internet, on TV, in our cars – they’re practically unavoidable. Our daily life is saturated with logos competing for our attention. So how does one logo triumph over another? Continue reading

Design with Care: Business Cards are Mobile Logos


Would you buy a 2014 car of a certain make if the body style hadn't changed since '97?

In the last four years, several major companies updated their logos, and you'd know it if you saw it. From Starbucks stripping down to a unicolor seal in 2011, to Yahoo slimming its typeface just last fall, the practice is only increasing in necessity on your corporate calendar – especially as a business card giver. And what better time than the upcoming New Year? Continue reading

Logo Design by the Pros [Infographic]


Have you ever wondered what the most common brand logo might be? You've probably noticed that many brands use similar font, colors, and images in their logos. A new infographic highlights the results of a study on major brand logos offers some insight into the most common branding techniques. If you wanted to create a perfectly generic branding scheme, you'd need to use both the company name and a small logo - that's what 56% of the major brands analyzed did. Your company name would need to be in the Helvetica font, which is the most common font used by these companies. Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Logo More Attractive to Potential Customers


It is a very competitive market out there, no matter what your industry. Whether you are selling apples or smartphones, there are more competitors than ever, and only the strongest will survive. And there is a lot that goes into survival. You need a solid business plan, of course, and that will include a creative marketing plan and resourceful social media plan, just to name a few elements. You will have to stay up late crunching numbers and churning out ideas. You will need a talented, collaborative, supportive team. And you will need a logo. Continue reading

Konisto: Logo Redesign Case Study


Logo is the most essential part of any business branding. It’s the façade of your company which you want to be recognizable and likable for the market you address. An important role of a logo is conveying the spirit of the business it represents. It is not an easy feat to communicate the nature of an entire business through a small graphic element. In fact, creating a logo is like creating art which requires lots of artistic skills and an acute feeling for harmony and emotional impact of colors, shapes and symbols necessary for a memorable logo. Continue reading

Case Study: Logo Redesign for O2 Ticket


Our graphic design department has recently completed a logo redesign project for one of our customers – O2 Ticket. We offered the company our help with logo re-branding as our creative team had noticed that the feel and look of the old company’s logo did not quite correspond to the goal of this specific business which suggests using simple and environment friendly ways to issue tickets for various events. Our design experts were not very much happy with how an apparently good concept had been implemented in the old logo in regards to the colors and the graphic representation.

old vs redesigned logo
Old vs. redesigned logo
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