Transformation of Communication Technology: from Smoke Signals to Smartphones


Communication has always been a vital part of society’s development and with the new iPhone 8 due to be unveiled on September 12, society’s way of communication is set to evolve even more. Humans have been using various communication techniques to aid in work, war, and personal exchanges for millennia. We now have more convenient options available, and the future is promising even better ways of staying in touch. Continue reading

Animated Biography of Steve Jobs


The following video and blog post are dedicated to Steve Jobs – a man who had revolutionized the world of technology and put that dent in the Universe. This dent is now filled with the thriving IT industry offering jobs to millions of employees as well as benefit and satisfaction to an uncountable number of consumers. The video was created by amateur animators working at QuartSoft’s Marketing Department. We hope this post will inspire young people to keep on changing our world for the better with their innovative minds, artistic taste, and entrepreneurial instincts. Continue reading

iPhone: How Did We Get There? [Technology History Infographic]


People of the digital era take the latest smartphone technology for granted. They rarely think that an iPhone in their pocket is the crown of the world’s engineering thought that led the human race from the primitive cave life to the digital age. But in fact an iPhone, however small it might be, is a concentration of centuries of scientific and engineering work. Continue reading

Apple's Design [Infographic]


Apple has been awarded and describes as a high technology of today’s software innovation, due to its designs, products, styles, set trends, icons, and it also inspired website designs. Because of its developed processes, now it is in a position of competitors in the field of Microsoft and Google space.

Compared to past few years, Apple’s trend is covering multiple app store, land grabs and more data, and has been becoming more prominent throughout their branding ever since. Continue reading

9 Apps for the On-the-Go Graphic Designer


Large computer screens and software that requires high processors used to limit where a graphic designer could work. Now, however, myriad apps are available to give designers some of their favorite powerful features, but from the convenience of their tablets and mobile devices. No matter where or when inspiration strikes, these apps will help you record and edit your vision. Continue reading

How to Update to iOS7 on Your iPhone Device


If you’re keen to update your iPhone to the latest and greatest iOS, there are a few ways you can do so. With the release of iOS 7 recently, you may be tempted to upgrade to the latest version.

iOS7 update for iPhone

Here are some tips on how to update simply, quickly and most important of all, safely. Continue reading

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The 2013 Apple IPhone Announcement: What's New?


Editor’s Note: QuartSoft’s mobile application development team attentively follows all the new developments in the industry of smartphones as any news in this field can be crucial for our app development activities and the success of the entire company. The new iPhone is one of the biggest news in the world of mobile technologies at the moment, so we cannot miss it in our blog. That’s why we have decided to publish the following guest article. Continue reading

Top 6 Free iOS Apps for Playing SD & HD Video


With the rapid development of the smartphone technology, the apps are developed more and more with powerful functions. With these apps we can almost meet our daily needs of working, entertainment and living trivia. So in this article I will show you some top free iOS video player app alternatives which may bring you the conveniences on playing video and audio files with your iOS devices. Continue reading

Fall of Apple [Infographic]


Apple is one of the leading technology companies and every one love to view about this. It’s still having much more popularity as comparable to its competitors. This company was founded by super genius Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Gerald Wayne. Steve jobs, undoubtedly, has given apple the biggest startup by taking its share from $10 to $400. Continue reading

iOS 7 Beta: Cute War over Fucked Up Design


I work as a translator and copywriter and my workplace is in the same room with our Android and iPhone developers. And I love this experience! Continue reading