Apple's Design [Infographic]


Apple has been awarded and describes as a high technology of today’s software innovation, due to its designs, products, styles, set trends, icons, and it also inspired website designs. Because of its developed processes, now it is in a position of competitors in the field of Microsoft and Google space.

Compared to past few years, Apple’s trend is covering multiple app store, land grabs and more data, and has been becoming more prominent throughout their branding ever since. Continue reading

How to Update to iOS7 on Your iPhone Device


If you’re keen to update your iPhone to the latest and greatest iOS, there are a few ways you can do so. With the release of iOS 7 recently, you may be tempted to upgrade to the latest version.

iOS7 update for iPhone

Here are some tips on how to update simply, quickly and most important of all, safely. Continue reading

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Top 5 Mobile Platforms in 2013


It doesn’t take a technology expert to realise that mobile technology is big business. Whether it’s to check emails and keep abreast of our work, or just to keep in contact with friends and family via the many networks and applications, we’re all using mobiles more than ever before, and they’re no longer just a simple tool that can be used to call or text.

top mobile platforms Continue reading

Top 6 Free iOS Apps for Playing SD & HD Video


With the rapid development of the smartphone technology, the apps are developed more and more with powerful functions. With these apps we can almost meet our daily needs of working, entertainment and living trivia. So in this article I will show you some top free iOS video player app alternatives which may bring you the conveniences on playing video and audio files with your iOS devices. Continue reading

Android vs. iOS: Which Is More Profitable for Developers


We all know that mobile devices are the wave of the future, and it’s becoming clear that the future is now. More people are using mobile computing than ever before and the sheer amount of apps in any one marketplace is certainly indicative of that. When it comes to the earning power of these apps, you might wonder which option is the best. There are plenty of platforms to choose from, but the two options that dominate the discussion are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. But, which one of these two gives you a better chance of actually earning money? Continue reading

How to Get More out of Your IPhone - Some Tips and Tricks


Editor’s Note: Having the entire team mobile app developers and designers, here at QuartSoft we know very well that smartphones have become much more than tools for communication. There are hundreds of ways mobile users can utilize a smartphone to find information, educate themselves or simply have fun. Our editorial team decided to publish a series of article to help our visitors get the maximum out of their mobile devices and enjoy their lives in the digital era. Continue reading