Are we creating a Secure Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT)? [Infographic]


The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to revolutionise retail but there still remains security issues. In a perfect world, the IoT will create better, more profitable stores and happier customers but we still have some work to do before arriving at this utopia. This infographic from the CUBE looks in depth at the issues that need to be solved before full adoption in retail. Continue reading

Should You Be Looking into a Progressive Web App for Your Business? [Infographic]


Like any new trend, sometimes you have to be a little cautious. In truth, people are far too willing to utilize the very latest and greatest thing in their marketing campaigns without doing much in the way of research.

Not every single trend in the marketing industry is going to be something that you want to utilize in a game plan for your business, but this isn't the case with the Progressive Web App. It'll have a massive impact on the mobile marketing industry, seriously. Continue reading

Transformation of Communication Technology: from Smoke Signals to Smartphones


Communication has always been a vital part of society’s development and with the new iPhone 8 due to be unveiled on September 12, society’s way of communication is set to evolve even more. Humans have been using various communication techniques to aid in work, war, and personal exchanges for millennia. We now have more convenient options available, and the future is promising even better ways of staying in touch. Continue reading

7 Emails Your E-commerce Store Needs to Send Out on an Automated Basis [Infographic]


About 2.5 million people in the world use emails and it was predicted that this number will increase by at least 10 percent in the next few years. Yep, that’s a lot. For online marketers and businesses, it means a vast pool of potential customers. And all of them can be reached by emails! They are an attractive and powerful way to connect with people, with a minimum spending. Moreover, online shoppers prefer to receive emails. Why? Because they can be opened at any time and on any device. Continue reading

Why SEO Is Essential for Your E-commerce Site


Ranking highly on search engines is important for all websites, but especially when it comes to e-commerce sites. Without visitors, e-commerce sites will almost certainly fail, and with the fact that the top 5 results on a search engine will get 75% of the page visits, this is where companies want to be. SEO Jury provides information and tips of some of the very best SEO techniques for a business, many of which can be applied to online stores. Continue reading

The Evolution of Online Deliveries [Infographic]


Online retail has steadily grown over the last 10-15 and it has really shaken up the whole retail industry. Brick and mortar retailers are now in constant competitor mode with their eCommerce counterparts and every angle is examined to see where it can be improved in terms of a positive retail experience for the consumer. Continue reading

How to Position Website Content for Optimum Effect


Marketers have spent years trying to come up with a winning formula that ensures a highly effective digital strategy. From where to place the call to action, to where to position the navigation buttons, every approach has been tried and tested to come up with a set of principles that every website developer / owner can follow to build a great website. Continue reading

25 Reasons to Integrate Live Chat into Your Business [Infographic]


I don’t know about you, but one of the worst things that can happen when shopping online is spending way more time browsing than you originally intended. Having to spend forever looking for the right information is one of the main culprits why online shopping sometimes ends up becoming even more stressful than store shopping. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017 [Infographic]


Have you ever wondered why more and more talk about how social media is good for business? And it is a fact they are really important, but it is even more important to understand how exactly!

With platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram you can get generate tremendous online exposure for your brand, allowing you to showcase your products and services. Social media channels helps you listen to what people are saying about a business, including your customers, peers, prospects and competitors. Continue reading

Biggest Cyber Crimes and Data Breaches till Date [Infographic]


Cyber criminals these days are putting in as much efforts as the security experts, perhaps even more. Be it a small or a big organization, all are equally vulnerable.

More and more businesses have reported instances of cyber crimes in the recent times. Even though they are putting aside a substantial budget for online security however they still cannot define their systems as foolproof.

What's even critical is the fact that some of the organizations are not at all prepared and wary of the assault. Continue reading