5 Basic Fundamentals of Cloud Hosting


Cloud computing is one of the most important things you may invest in as a business, and you will find that there are many different people who need a better server hosting option. You must search for a better host who will help you with each of the five fundamentals listed, and they will help you save the headaches that occur when you have chosen the improper place to purchase hosting. Continue reading

Why Your Business Needs A Good Web Host?


Websites are a must for businesses today. With the convenience of things people can find on the internet, a website is a significant boost to an overall brand image which can help retain customers. Say you are someone who is starting out a small home business, where you make cute little hair accessories. Sure your family and people in your neighborhood would love to buy from you, but they are just a small customer base. For a business to grow in a favorable direction, one needs to expand their reach into untapped audiences. Continue reading

Selecting a Web Host for Your Website


Choosing a web host might sound like a pretty straight forward process but when you consider how many different types of websites, hosting types and hosting companies there are, it can turn out to be one of the more difficult elements of getting your website up and running. When looking for information regarding web hosts, it is always a good idea to get unbiased views on the web hosts that are available. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why E-Commerce Websites Are Not Suited for Shared Hosting


Imagine you are in search for a book and walking down the street you find yourself in front of 2 book stores. Its high season & everyone is buying books, both bookstores appear to be the same from outside, so you decide to check both before making a decision.

In the first bookstore, you find yourself roaming around, you try and get hold of clerk to guide you through the store. Once there, you have a hard time finding the book you want as there are too many options, so you start to filter out and take your time. After a while, you finally find your book. Continue reading

How Your Slow Website Burns a Hole In Your Pocket


Any and all businesses online rely on their website performance to run their operations successfully, primarily because their website carries out end to end transactions; i.e. from displaying products to taking orders, completing transactions to delivering products.

Such businesses essentially need to focus on their website speed and performance at all times. All seems well if they continually experience surging trends in sales and conversions; however it calls for an immediate attention if a downtrend is noticed over a period. Continue reading

Dedicated vs Shared Hosting: What Does Your Startup Need?


When you're on a tight budget, as most startups are, it is important to squeeze as much goodness as possible from the money you have. There are some things you can't be too cheap about though, and this short guide should hopefully give you a few things to think about. Continue reading

Cloud Storage Options – Which One Is Right for Me?


Editor’s Note: Novice entrepreneurs and startup founders make up one of the biggest client groups that outsource their information technology needs to our team. They usually are aware of the latest technologies designed to help effectively launch and propel their businesses. Our task is not only to provide them with the final IT product but also enlighten them on today’s technological solutions we can use to facilitate and grow their ventures. Continue reading

A Guide to Web Hosting [Infographic]


One of the most overlooked aspects of web design and development, particularly amongst start-up entrepreneurs and businessmen, is web hosting. The focus is typically on graphic design and the user interface while hosting plays a crucial part in the performance, flexibility and security of your site as well. Continue reading

Avoiding Bad Web Hosts [Infographic]


Do you have a website? Do you absolutely hate your host? Does you host give you problem after problem? The sad truth is that this is more common than you might think. Bad hosts are everywhere, but they hide behind ingenious marketing terms like unlimited bandwidth and premium services. If you want to avoid running into one of these hosts, then here are a few things to look out for.

Unlimited Bandwidth Continue reading

Cloud Hosting – the Best Safeguard Against a High Traffic Event


So you've finally made it! Your website looks fabulous. The content is engaging. The technical glitches have been eliminated. You've built it...now what happens if they come?

cloud hosting Continue reading