What Perks Are Your IT Employees Looking For? [Infographic]


The IT sector is growing by leaps and bounds, both in jobs offered and in job seekers. To attract the top talent in IT, you have to ensure you are offering the challenge and benefits these star performers are looking for, but how do you know what benefits are going to be in the highest demand? Fortunately, Kalliance.com has compiled a list of the top 12 jobs that IT folks will be looking to in their efforts to fast track their careers, along with the perks those employees will want. Continue reading

Ten Awesome Jobs in IT


Editor’s Note: Lots of people working in the ever-thriving IT industry enjoy good salaries. It is especially true for technologically developed countries like the United States. The industry grows so fast that IT companies shortage of qualified staff. After all that’s the reason why IT experts are paid so much. High salaries and shortage of staff compels companies to outsource their work to offshore teams with lower rates like QuartSoft. Continue reading

QuartSoft Goes International


QuartSoft officially announced the opening of its office in the USA on May 1, 2012. We had come a long way to open an office in the United States, and our efforts finally met with success. We believe that the American branch of QuartSoft will expand our team’s capabilities in terms of acquiring customers in the country which provides us with the majority of our customers. It is expected that our U.S. office will help us win bigger projects with better financial opportunities as working in the same legal field with our American customers is likely to be conducive to the higher level of our clientele’s trust in us and our ability to be fully responsible for large long-term contracts. No doubt, being involved in costly projects means higher responsibility, but we are sure that we can rely upon rich experience of our team and a qualified staff we are about to hire in the United States. One of the first employees to be engaged in the development of our American office would be Kellie Nail – Marketing and Product Manager at QuartSoft Corp.

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