4 Ways a Professional Looking Website Can Increase Your Online Presence


Let's imagine you have an important job interview for a job you really want. So, you put on the first thing you find, whether it's some holey jeans or that t-shirt emblazoned with the name of your favorite band... okay, we all know that's not how it would go. Everyone wants to look their best for an interview. Everyone with any measure of moral authority has told us all our lives not to judge things by their appearance, but just about everyone does it. It's practically reflexive. Continue reading

Mistakes and Misconceptions Regarding Corporate Website Development


Website is a perfect tool to promote your brand and increase your sales. It seems like a pretty easy task to simply hire someone to build your web presence and voila! All your problems are miraculously solved: your prospects find your company’s site through search engines to learn more about your services / products and start ordering them. Continue reading

The Importance of Having a Corporate Website for Your Business


Many companies all over the world have migrated their services and started marketing to online audiences, the reason is because the Internet market is a daily growing source for all kinds of industries, you could easily beat your competition just by having a website online! Yet saying this, I have been in the commercial human resources industry for a little over 20 years, I still see companies a businesses without a website, if you are one of these people, you are losing out! Continue reading

Namidi – Corporate Website with Fun Vibe and Young Energy


Designing corporate websites is not as easy as it might seem from the first glance. Many people believe that if web design does not involve programming it is not as hard to do as coding. But this assumption is totally wrong if you realize what a web designer needs to take into consideration in order to create a perfect corporate site. Continue reading

Go Web and Show Your Business to the World!


For over 7 years QuartSoft has been creating corporate websites for customers from all over the Untitled States and numerous other countries. When building corporate websites the team of QuartSoft goes extra miles to analyze the business to be represented online through a new website as well as its customers and competitors.

Based on our experience we can divide our customers into groups by the type of websites they hire our web designers and developers to build for them. If an expertly designed and built website is something you are looking for, please, spare a few minutes of your time to explore some examples below and let us know what your business is about for us to be able to send you our proposal specially customized for you to better serve your needs.

Promo sites for a specific event, place, destination

design and development of promo sites

Go Tahoe North - this is simply an information portal for one of the best vacation locations near SF. An easy-to-use content management system allows controlling and editing content on every page of the site. The website offers just enough information and a number of great photos to give visitors an idea about how beautiful the place is. The site has a simple and elegant navigation area. This type of sites is perfect for any event promotion as well as for a general public place, a non-profit organization etc.

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