5 Reasons Why Your Online Business Should Have a Blog


If you are dealing with digital-age customers, having just a static website is not enough for your business to thrive. You need to engage and interact with your visitors too. Be it the best deals, special offers, trendier topics, useful tips or even informative content, nothing conveys better than a blog does.

The business report for 2017 by State of Inbound highlighted that 63% of marketers worldwide perceive traffic and lead generation to be the biggest marketing challenge. Continue reading

3 Ways to Create Content that Attracts Webroom & Showroom Shoppers


Webroom and showroom shoppers have become crucial target markets for businesses in today’s economy. In fact, over two-thirds of consumers now webroom by researching items online before buying them in a physical store, while nearly half showroom by doing research in stores before buying online, a Harris Poll shows. During the holiday season, these numbers increase, with over eight out of 10 Christmas shoppers webrooming and showrooming in 2016, according to Accenture. Continue reading

5 Types of Interactive Content for Lead Generation


Interactive content is one of the hottest new trends in content marketing. The problem? Not everyone really understands what it is, or how to use it effectively. There’s a lot to keep track of in digital marketing, since it moves at a breakneck pace, and interactive content is the latest frontier in lead generation. This new trend has been shown to generate interest and leads, differentiating itself from the deluge of content facing consumers every day. Continue reading