Santa Claus Mobile Apps to Discover


Every year millions and millions of kids around the world catching Christmas fever and start to ask their parents to get them to meet him. And every good parent always wants to satisfy this demand. For a long time everything you could possibly do were getting your child in the mall to meet with bearded legend himself or to dress as Santa and bring the magic to your home.

Nowadays however there is more to it, there are a lot of applications and internet sources that can help you with this task. Continue reading

The Yuletide Shopping Splurge [Infographic]


With Black Friday behind us, we are now in the thick of the holiday buying season with big sales and frenzied spending. Year after year, we are seeing a trend in shopping online with each year edging out the last. This is great news for online retailers who have their marketing in place by now because this year should be bigger than ever! Continue reading

The Best Movies for Christmas Spirit [Infographic]


There is a special season at the end of each year that millions of people all over the world are anticipating through 12 long months. It’s a special time when even non-religious people believe in miracles and make their wishes with hope they will come true the next year. It’s a period of hopes and resolutions, fun and happy reunions. This is truly the most wonderful time of the year that brings long-awaited joy and relaxation in our busy and stressful lives. This is Christmas. Continue reading