Why Your Restaurant Needs a Professionally Designed Website


Editor’s Note: Our web designers and developers have created a few professional websites for restaurants. But we are aware of many restaurants and cafes either having no online presence at all or being reluctant to invest into custom web design and development services while using cheap template based solutions or third party services with limited customization abilities. This article explains why a professionally-looking, tailor-made website is great for any eatery and catering business. Continue reading

Web-Based Applications for More Robust and Profitable Business


Every business has its own specific requirements to make its workflow run fast, smooth and efficiently. There are a lot of business applications which are designed to provide entrepreneurs with all kinds of benefits to make their business easier to manage or to make it more attractive and convenient for customers.

There are a lot of business applications around which have never gone beyond desktop models. Such applications are loosing their flexibility and usefulness with the advent of massively used web services which made a lot of desktops obsolete. Using Internet for business, shopping and entertainment has become a part of today’s society culture. After ordering goods and services online has grown from a habit to the lifestyle of millions of people all around the world, businesses can no longer ignore their web presence if they have even a slightest desire to be successful. Therefore business owners started transferring their activities online including their most important business applications. The Internet had allowed companies of all sizes to operate globally and they had to adjust their business applications to the opportunities the web could offer. Thus web-based business systems and SaaS solutions are in high demand in a new era of online business.

QuartSoft employs a team of professional web developers and web designers with a lot of experienced in building customized web-based business applications as well as in transferring existing desktop software to online versions.

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