Feel Like Your Website is Lacking a Sense of Authority? 4 Quick Credibility-Building Tips

If you feel like something just feels a bit off about your business’ site, relax.

After all, marketing your website constantly feels like a competition. Whether it’s your content, site design or the overall quality of your products, there’s always that gut feeling that we feel a bit second-rate versus others in our industry.

Website authority and credibility

Don’t worry: these sorts of doubts are natural. In fact, worrying about the quality of your site shows that your marketing brain is in the right place.

This still begs the question: what can marketers do to give their sites a much-needed authority boost? Thankfully, the answers to what builds trust and signals credibility in the eyes of visitors is well-documented thanks to marketing psychology.

With the help of the following four tips, you can make some quick changes that can take your otherwise ordinary site to that proverbial “next level.”

Start With Some Trust Signals

The key to standing out from other sites in your industry is proving that you’ve walked the walk, so to speak. It’s easy for someone to throw up a sleek site, but the following strategies for building social proof are truly worthwhile:

  • Showing off testimonials and ravings reviews from clients and customers
  • Proving your business is compliant with industry regulations, in addition to badges that prove your business’ certifications or licenses
  • Highlighting notable clients you’ve worked with or publications who have written about your business

The sooner you’re able to put your expertise on display, the more likely people are to see you as an authoritative voice.

Score Links and SEO Firepower

The metric of domain authority certainly matters to visitors at a glance. Not only does scoring links mean more organic traffic, but also creates more avenues to your site for future visitors.

If you haven’t already gotten your feet wet with content marketing, at the very least consider writing a few good pieces of “pillar” content for your site. Long-form pieces rich with information and keywords are link-worthy and will likewise show that your site emphasizes quality.

Promoting these pieces through link-building outreach is more much time-efficient versus waiting on your hands for organic rankings.

Take a Good Look at Your Domain

On a quick note, make sure that your domain looks up to snuff based on your business’ goals. While exact match domains might have been all the rage a decade ago, visitors and search engines alike have grown weary of them. Similarly, going all-in on hosting is a must versus a “.blogspot” or “.wordpress” domain.

Fine-Tune Your Design

Of course, there’s no denying how much looks matter when it comes to a trustworthy website. In addition to a modern design, consider how seemingly small details of how a cold visitor might perceive your site.

For example, quicker load times correlated with increased trust and therefore a clunky site could be a deal-breaker for someone. It may be necessary to run a UX test or invest in a new theme to keep your site running smoothly, both of which are worthwhile in the long-run.

With so many moving pieces to any given website, it’s easy to overlook even the smallest steps that signal your trust. That said, emphasizing these variables can be done sooner rather than later to help give your business’ online presence the authority boost it deserves.