Modernizing Your Small Business: SaaS & Business Intelligence

The world has changed. Even low tech companies and small businesses need access to the bounty of a thriving tech industry: data collection, analytics, and software that can predict and optimize user behavior.

People are searching for the businesses they need on their phones, their home smart devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, and even on the GPS systems built into their cars.

SaaS data services

Being discoverable online and optimized for a variety of hardware isn’t just a necessity of big tech companies anymore. They are vital components of expanding a local business. Knowing how to optimize for users on certain devices, however, is the trouble. The clear dilemma is that small businesses generally can’t afford the hardware, employees, or software to perform the many advanced data functions that can tell them how to build their web presence and optimize their services.

Enter Software as a Service

Chances are you already use software as a service (SaaS). Google Docs, Slack, Skype for Business — many of the functions of everyday business have been transformed into cloud services that you can implement piecemeal. SaaS goes a lot further, however. It includes tools that gather data, analytics tools, customer relationship management tools, website management tools, and many other functions.

One of the best things about SaaS companies and their products for the small business owner is the flexible subscription based model that allows companies to purchase as much or little as they need on a predictable monthly or annual basis. Rather than paying up front for a software suite and needing to purchase the hardware required to run it, businesses can pick how much functionality, storage, and support they need and pay incrementally. Then all the technical details are handled off-site.

What Does Modernization Mean When it Comes to Data?

Modern marketing relies on data. This is where business intelligence comes in: to make informed decisions about how you market and who you market to, it’s important to modernize your data gathering and analysis.

Remember that “data” is nothing new. Marketers and businesses have always collected data and attempted to interpret it. Focus groups, Nielsen ratings, and phone and mail surveys are all ways that businesses used to, and still do, gather data about their audience and customers. The data collection and analytics opportunities provided by the internet and related technology is just the next step in the evolution of consumer data.

How Can SaaS Help Modernize Your Small Business?

SaaS is one category of service that contributes to remote data gathering and analysis. The other services likely to be included in any data package, according to Maryville University, include:

  • Data as a Service (DaaS): The actual data that is generated and stored using cloud services.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): The hardware infrastructures that are required to process data. Data analysis requires a lot of storage space and processing power.

Between these three services, software companies can offer complete packages to businesses that vary in power and expense depending on their particular needs. This is how you modernize as a small business. You don’t need a massive IT department and data experts on hand because entire companies are devoted to providing that service.

These services can often guide you on the types of data that are most useful to you, and can make recommendations based on what’s revealed by the analysis of customer behaviour.

You don’t have to get left behind for lack of resources. Modernizing also means taking advantage of the cost saving opportunities that cloud technology makes possible.