Importance of Content Marketing for E-Commerce Brands

The importance of content marketing for ecommerce brands has been increasing considerably. For retail brands, content marketing is one of the most successful ways to put themselves in the online marketplace. On ecommerce platforms, the customers only choose to interact with the content that compliments their interests, as opposed to conventional marketing.

If we see statistically, 74% of companies are generating leads from content marketing strategies. Also, 75% of companies have raised investment and increased 43% staff related to content marketing.


Here you can see some significant ecommerce facts related to the content strategy that also makes you think why it is important for your brand:

  • The 60% of the consumers like to read relevant content from the brands.
  • The 82% of the consumers feel better about reading content.
  • The 70% of the consumers feel closer to the company as a result of content marketing.
  • The 78% of the consumers perceive a relationship between themselves and a company using custom content.
  • The 90% of the consumers find custom content useful.


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It is documented fact that customers are more likely to feel a positive connection with brands that produce custom content, which significantly proves that creating content strategy is a priceless tool for building up the customer relations. The more people will retain information about your brand and make positive associations to it if you have more success with your content.

If you use social media as your content strategy, then it will create a huge amount of awareness about your brand. “The social media has got the inherent capability of sharing the content over the internet, so it creates the natural awareness about the brand,” says Anna Bella, a content writer at Assignment Help.


The content marketing strategy always helps and boosts SEO results positively. When you publish your text-based content, it improves your SEO. A smartly used keyword plan inserted throughout your content will catch the attention of more people organically. Don’t overload and stuff unnecessary keywords in the content and only try to put only relevant keywords to see the real magic.

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The content marketing strategy of your ecommerce brand is more successful on social media. Above all, social media is a great means to meet people so why not introducing your brand to it? If you reach out to customers on social media then it would be an excellent strategy for generating new business and leads. If you create a powerful and interesting content for your posts, then alone your content can great leads and sales. When you show the value in the post, it will be shared, tagged time and again. “A strong preamble to your brand through a significant article also creates a strong first impression,” says Emily Jones, an editor at Essay Writer Canada.


Evergreen content for ecommerce

If you have properly understood the content marketing then you may probably realize that it is the strategy of timeless resources. Why we refer the content marketing as a timeless resource? The answer is that since the content you publish yourself never goes away unless you remove it, the more you keep on publishing content regularly, the more your content strategy gets strong.

Sometimes, this overall strategy is referred to have an evergreen content or content that is always in demand. Here to create evergreen content you must not include any specific dates to it. For example, a nutritionist might post an article about how to get your body back in shape. This topic will always be relevant to people, as opposed to a piece like “the best nutrition for winter 2015,” which will fizzle out quick from the search lists. The evergreen content will always give you leads, sales and various incentives for unlimited time.


The people will have a closer connection and trust with your brand if they relate to your content. More consumers will be open to conversions if the content is interesting to them. So, a thoughtfully positioned call-to-action or link to the product can be the source for your complete content strategy that redirects users where you need them to go. Using the content marketing through meaningful content may generate unlimited conversions for your brand.

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Remember that a powerful and relevant content will not generate conversions, but also the loyalty of the customers. A good content will always bring your customers back to the initial purchase when they become your loyal customer. So an interesting and more powerful content strategy will have a great ripple effect in terms of making customers loyal to your brand and generating repeat purchases.