A Short Story on Our Co-Operation with TemplateMonster


Every self-respecting web-studio wants to provide its customers with high-quality products meeting all their requirements. For this reason, our company Quartsoft Corp was looking for a company that can assist in making our products and services even better. That had to be a company with a long-term experience in web design and that is why TemplateMonster that has turned out to be our go-to partner. We have worked with this company before and can say that we have a fully positive experience of this partnership. Continue reading

Cloud Computing: Scaling Traditional SaaS Environment to Futuristic Infrastructure


There are few businesses now who carry out all of their computing needs in-house. Even if the extent of their cloud computing is storing documents in a DropBox folder or using Gmail for communication, most businesses understand that for all its security and privacy benefits, managing everything in-house is too inefficient to be justifiable.

If you have wondered how much of your IT provision could be run in the cloud, the answer is pretty much everything. Upgrading from a traditional SaaS environment to a more futuristic infrastructure is a big step to take though. Continue reading

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The Seven Steps to Marketing Your eCommerce Startup Without Breaking the Bank


If you want your startup to be successful, you have to make sure that people know it exists. That’s why marketing is essential for new businesses, especially those using an ecommerce model. The internet has over 1.3 billion sites on it, so there are a lot of domains competing with yours for traffic. Continue reading

Revolutionize E-Commerce Customer Service with the Cloud


With the rise of global connectivity, we live in a world where instant contact and gratification is the norm. Customers are no longer willing to wait in queue for solutions, and they expect companies to be 'on call' on a twenty-four hour basis. This puts a strain on e-commerce companies and their customer service representatives, but using cloud-based services can be a solution to this problem. Continue reading

What's New in Magento 2.2? 6 Improvements in the Latest Update.


Since it first burst on to the scene ten years ago, Magento has been setting the standard for what a modern e-commerce platform should look like. In fact, it is now one of the top four open-source platforms in the world.

Its acceptance of multiple extensions and modifications has always given Magento the edge over its competitors and has also had another benefit. Having, in effect, road-tested those extensions through its many users, Magento are now in a great position to adopt the best for deep integration. Continue reading