How to Make Your Online Products Appeal to the Senses

Some products are all about taste, which can be a tricky business when you’re trying to sell those products online. Unlike customers in a brick-and-mortar shop, online visitors are unable to sample your product, or even smell, touch or see it.

That means you must rely on other methods of enticement to get consumers excited enough to give your products a try. As a manufacturer of tobacco e-juice, Black Note shares three tips geared toward doing exactly that.

Use Engaging Photos

Crisp, clear product images are probably the most important way to convey your products to the audience. While you can consider hiring a professional photographer, it’s not an absolute necessity for producing high-quality images as long as you have the proper equipment and environment.

Use at least a 16-megapixel DSLR camera, adequate lighting and, if needed, a light box. Photo light boxes are enclosures with multiple light bulbs aimed at the interior of the box for optimum illumination.

Product photos design for an online store

Also pay attention the photo background. While a plain, white background may work best for showcasing minute details, it can also give off a clinical feel. Add warmth, interest and further enticement to the photo by selecting a background that aligns with the product.

For instance, Black Note e-juice comes in a variety of blends that have distinctly different tastes. While each blend features a crisp, clear photo of the e-juice bottle, each is also accompanied by a small background photo that reflects the taste. The smoky, peppery Latakia tobacco blend shows a darker, ashy background by its side while the menthol blend has a background image of a fresh sprig of mint.

Write Compelling Product Descriptions

Product descriptions do best when they’re short yet filled with enough compelling details to pique your visitors’ interest. Steer clear of vague descriptions that rely too heavily on broad terms like “good” or “tasty.” Instead opt for adjectives that are more precise, such as “sweet,” “spicy” or “smooth.”

Providing a brief background of the product can help, particularly if it evokes emotion or stirs the imagination. Black Note does this by describing the environment and curing method of different tobacco varieties, such as one that “sun-ripened, shade-cooled and bursting with full-bodied flavor.”

While your product descriptions should be detailed and eloquent, you don’t want to go overboard. Descriptions that are too long or too flowery can cross the line from compelling to a complete turnoff.

Encourage Customer Reviews

In addition to adding credibility to your brand, customer reviews can offer significant details about your products. They can provide different perspectives and valuable input while outlining their real-life experience with your product.

Your visitors are going to expect your product descriptions are favorable since you’re trying to sell the product. That’s why favorable descriptions and reviews from actual customers can carry notable weight.

Even if customers can’t taste, smell, touch or see your products in person, these tips can help you convey their allure online.

About the author: The information for this blog post was provided by owners of Black Note online store.