How Mobile Technologies Impact Ecommerce Businesses [Infographic]


Of the total population of the world, 4.3 billion – or 58.7% - has been recorded as the estimated number of mobile phone users back in 2016, and this number has only continued to rise. It is, however, expected that the growth rate of mobile phone users across the globe is slowing down, but it is still expected to rise up to 4.78 billion by 2020. Continue reading

101 Data Protection Tips: Especially For New Businesses


For any new business, there are many things that the owner is never sure about due to the lack of experience. One of those is how to protect the business data from access by non-authorized parties or damage by fires or any other natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes. The information created and stored in your personal computer may be of more value than the machine itself. Continue reading

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12 Tips to Always Choose the Best Technology for Your Startup


Whether you’re an Ecommerce store or a SaaS startup, you have to rely on various third-party technologies to build your own business. Whether it’s web hosting provider or collaboration tools or marketing platforms, it’s essential to pick the right technology to grow your business faster. Continue reading

Why It Is Smart to Invest in Cryptocurrency Startups


It’s common these days to hear people talk about investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum, but there are other opportunities to make money from the crypto craze. Instead of investing in tokens themselves, cagey investors have begun investing in the startups that have moved to accept them as a valid form of payment. The overarching reason for this is quite simple: the value of tokens themselves can be volatile, and subject to sudden fluctuations. Continue reading

Finance Hacks for e-Commerce Business Owners in 2018


When it comes to e-commerce, taxation can be tricky. Not only is it integral to understand tax laws across different states and how they might affect your business, the new tax bill will result in a flurry of activity. The tax law, passed in December by the Trump administration, will cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent and encourage small business owners to make more investments by allowing them to deduct the costs of depreciable assets every year. Continue reading