5 Things You Can Learn from Leading SaaS Companies to Help You Sell More


SaaS (software as a service) companies are revolutionizing the face of digital marketing and selling. These cloud-based businesses are building self-awareness and generating high revenues with increased efficiency through an optimized sales funnel without compromising on the growth of their consumer base. Continue reading

You Don't Have to Be a Big Company to Utilize Big Data


A business doesn’t necessarily have to be big to be able to make data-driven decisions using massive online and offline information sources. Big data isn’t restricted to big companies with huge budgets. These days, small businesses can also harness the resource to make wise and evidence-based decisions for their company. About three fourths of small businesses lack a strategy to incorporate data analytics. Continue reading

Is Your E-Commerce Site Really Safe From Hacks and Scams?


Hackers and scammers prey on new businesses and established online superstores alike, and the round-the-clock security required to keep e-commerce websites safe may seem daunting and expensive for new startups and small businesses moving online. Many options exist for protecting your site against these persistent and ever-changing threats. Determining how safe your e-commerce site really is provides the springboard to successfully mitigating these threats. Continue reading

5 Ways to Harvest Customer Feedback for Your Marketing Team


Feedback is more than a free way to gather customers' opinion about your online business. It's a main way to company growth. Collect responses regularly and use the received data to transform the shortcomings into advantages. The successful companies manage to turn unsatisfied customers into fans. Thus, feedback can become a goldmine of budget savings. Continue reading

Should You Be Looking into a Progressive Web App for Your Business? [Infographic]


Like any new trend, sometimes you have to be a little cautious. In truth, people are far too willing to utilize the very latest and greatest thing in their marketing campaigns without doing much in the way of research.

Not every single trend in the marketing industry is going to be something that you want to utilize in a game plan for your business, but this isn't the case with the Progressive Web App. It'll have a massive impact on the mobile marketing industry, seriously. Continue reading