Transformation of Communication Technology: from Smoke Signals to Smartphones

Communication has always been a vital part of society’s development and with the new iPhone 8 due to be unveiled on September 12, society’s way of communication is set to evolve even more. Humans have been using various communication techniques to aid in work, war, and personal exchanges for millennia. We now have more convenient options available, and the future is promising even better ways of staying in touch. So what new features of the iPhone 8 will lead our communication into the future?

Recent reports say the iPhone 8 will have a rear dual camera that will aid augmented reality and increase our interactions with digital images. In addition, Apple is removing the Touch ID feature in the iPhone 8 to go solely with ‘Face ID’ facial recognition security. Due to the development of these new features, humans can now communicate faster and interact with their devices more effectively.

Recent studies show that 24 million augmented reality and virtual reality devices are expected to be sold in 2018. As time progresses, holographic displays may even be used for anything from interactive advertisements to conference calls and academic lectures.

To learn more about the technology advancements and future inventions that will create diverse forms of communicating, check out the infographic below created by the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Masters in Electrical Engineering program:

Communication technology history infographic from smoke signals to smartphones
Source: NJIT Online MSCS