Why Code Testing Is the Most Important Element before Website Launch

Code testing or software testing is an integral part of the process before an organization launches its website or software. Foregoing these tests can have a drastic impact on how presentable a website looks, how much traffic it inspires and how successful it turns out to be in terms of conversion rate and customer retention.

Website testing

Regardless of how small or big your business is, it is imperative for you to assess your website through code testing. The importance of this lies in that your website literally showcases your business to the world and it can directly influence the value of your product or service.

There are several reasons why a website should go through code/software testing before it launches and here is why all of them matter:

It resolves faults and errors

It might be a little too obvious to mention but a website needs to be working seamlessly before the concerned stakeholders can use it. For example, broken links , slow loading images, faulty search functions and forms not submitting correctly are all common problems that testing can detect and resolve.

These basic quality errors can severely affect your business in terms of its reputation and profitability, considering that they are quite easy to resolve. An example of such a website is Uglytub.com. This 'ugly' site will definitely motivate you to work on improving yours.

A blend of blazing low-quality symbolism, little textual styles and gaudy hues in conjunction with the constraining edges that limit the website to a little window in the focal point of the screen makes this one of the most noticeably awful guilty parties on the web.

Establishes compatibility on all electronic devices

A website also needs to be checked for its support on all major mobile devices now that the use of smart phones and tablets is on the rise. In 2011, for example, the retail industry had 10% search queries from mobile usage; it went up to 16% in 2012.

Leoneck Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland, looks amazing, but try to book a room on the mobile site. It’s almost impossible, probably because you can’t even zoom in on the homepage and the display is very small.

In short, if you have a website, it better be compatible on a mobile device or it could lead to bad reputation and low profitability margins, especially if you own and run a small firm.

Review, recheck and revise

A website should be free from all kinds of grammatical and spelling mistakes. A website with errors of this sort points towards the unprofessionalism of the people behind it, especially those running the business.

It’s hard to go through a website and spot grammatical errors all at once so a better solution would be to review the website on regular intervals.

Prevent the website’s security from being violated

Certifying a website’s security and safety is a very crucial element. Overlooking this element could lead to hackers trying to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.

The Guardian reports that a couple of hackers recently hacked into HBO’s database and gained access to the Game of Thrones latest unaired episodes.

A multimillion dollar ransom was demanded in return for the hacked episodes and scripts of the show, which HBO rejected. One of the episodes was then released before airtime by hackers. To cater to the needs of the clientele

Gaining valuable customer feedback about a website is essential for your site to become successful and cater to the needs of your clients.

Websites are created to benefit the customer. Taking feedback about the website is therefore essential. Testing your website means finding out what your clients like and what they feel should improve.

As few as 5 clients can recognize extreme issues that, once overcome, will give a change to your clients and enable them to finish the activities that were disappointing them before. A testing firm based in the UK with the name of WhatUsersDo allows companies to hold client encounter tests almost immediately. "We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve," – Bill Gates.

Track progress and performance

Code testing is also necessary to monitor and track a website’s performance and progress. We should realize that customers don't care much for average sites. We also know that Google isn't enthusiastic about average sites.

Only sites that can provide exceptional user experience can hope to rank better on Google. These are all the more reasons to contribute time and effort to check your site's performance.

Yes, your site’s performance is affected by the quality of your hosting service, but that’s not all. The way your site is coded, the designs utilized and a number of different elements come together to increase load times and slow your website.

Running some execution checks can distinguish where valuable seconds can be spared and give your customers a superior experience. For example, Walmart’s homepage scored a rather average 79 with the usual recommendations to leverage browser caching and optimize images. Webpage Test recorded the load time as 5.49 seconds. Walmart’s product page on the other hand got an 85 by Google, which means its product page is faster than that of the home page.

In this day and age, website maintenance is of the utmost importance for all businesses. It’s a fast-paced world and one needs to have an up-to-date and flawless website to stay on top of search engine results and keep the customers interested.

Moreover, a seamless website experience projects an excellent corporate image and provides visitors a reason to return. Most businesses use CRM software to make their websites more profitable.

CRM Pipeline takes into account each and every detail related to customer interaction so you can increase conversion and retention rates.



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