Another Magento-Certified Employee in Our Ecommerce Development Team


We would like to congratulate Eugene Zakharchuk, QuartSoft’s Magento developer, who became a Magento-certified developer after successfully passing the certification exam on September 18, 2017.

Eugene is the second QuartSoft employee who has earned an official Magento certificate this year. Petr Zui received a certificate of the Magento solution specialist in June. Continue reading

Six Steps to Your Online Business Dream


When entrepreneurs set out to sell their products, many different communities on the web will advise them to set up something called a "platform." This is particularly common among authors, who are by necessity the leads of their own rock bands. The platform is the place where the digital entrepreneur can safely and consistently promote their work without interference from other sites or companies. Continue reading

Why Your Website SEO Should Be More about Leads and Less about Great Rankings


There are not many businesses these days that do not understand the importance of digital marketing. To appeal to today's customers, the majority of whom are millennials; companies need to promote themselves in the online arena. That is where search engine optimisation and other digital marketing techniques come in. Continue reading

5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Self Storage Facility's Website


In 2017 the key to success lies in creating a strong online presence, regardless of your industry. However, your digital footprint needs to be adjusted to your business niche in order to give you the maximum effect. For instance, if you were to run a self-storage facility you would have to tailor your website design, its functionality and your overall digital marketing to fully correlate to what is it that you do. Needless to say, your website’s functionality would also have to come to the forefront, seeing how your customers have a need which they are straightforward about. Continue reading

3 Ways to Improve Your Online Customer Experience and Boost Buyer Satisfaction


When it comes to delivering satisfying customer service, online retailers have an advantage over traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. U.S. online retailers averaged 83 points in the 2016 American Consumer Satisfaction Index report, compared to 78 points for U.S. businesses overall. Tech companies deliver higher customer satisfaction than other industries, averaging an over 91 percent satisfaction rating, compared to 86.35 percent for businesses in general, a LiveChat survey found. Continue reading