How to Create Your Small Business Site in Simple and Easy Steps with WordPress

In this tutorial of making a business website using the world’s leading CMS WordPress, you would learn the following:

  • Selecting a domain and buying it
  • Buying and setting up the hosting
  • Installing the WP theme into it
  • Entering content and getting started

If you have a small business, and you are planning everything on your own, you may want to save money further by building the business website on your own. If you want to enter the ecommerce industry in DIY style, then this tutorial is just apt for you.

WordPress website

Why select WordPress CMS (content management system)?

First, you would want to know why you are going with WordPress. So the reason is that it is the easiest to work with it. Being a no-coding platform for data and content entry, website design management and plugin handling, WordPress tends to be the favorite of most businesses. Besides, with numerous business WordPress templates, the designing part becomes easy as well. As you would run it, you would know why I am advocating it so much.

Domain selection and buying

This is the most crucial part in starting. The domain you select would be the address or URL of the site for life. Hence, you need to choose carefully, and try to accommodate one of the most important keywords in it to make it more appealing and SEO friendly with the help of local SEO experts.

  • Go to a domain registrar, and type in what you are looking for.
  • You would get the same name if available. And if not, then you would get suggestions of similar names with lots of extensions.
  • Choose the available name you like the most, and choose an apt extension. Make payment for it, and the domain is yours.

Buying the hosting plan

Now you need the hosting. This is the space on a server, where your website would stay and all its files would be located. For this, choose a host you like, go to their site, and buy a plan that is within your budget. When buying hosting, you would have to fill a form with your details. There you will be told to enter your site’s URL. Enter the one you already bought.

Once hosting is bought, you would get a username and password from the hosting, through which you can login to the admin control panel of the site.

Installing WordPress

If you have bought your hosting with Bluehost, you would get the install WordPress in 1 click feature already in it. You will simply have to click on the button in admin panel, to install WordPress in a click.

Creating content

Once the CMS is installed you can login to WordPress directly with the password and id, and start creating content. Upon logging into WP, you would get a dashboard where you get all the options you need to create widgets, enter content, media, install plugins etc. You would have to play and surf a bit to get accustomed. But entering content is the best and easiest part here. You simply need to type in to the visual editor, and save and publish it to create content.

It may occur to you that the site is looking plain, and hence choosing a good WordPress theme is needed. You may choose any free theme, or get a premium paid theme as you need. In the beginning, a free theme would suffice, and then you may continue with your site building.