5 Major Social Media Mistakes Every Startup Should Avoid


If you are trying to get your startup company off the ground, one of the things you definitely need to invest your time and money into, apart developing a great service or product, is marketing. Continue reading

Internet & Offline Retail [Infographic]


There is simply no doubting the fact that the Internet has revolutionized our daily lives; it has impacted on our personal lives and how we manage our day; it has influence on our work no matter the niche; it has vastly changed the world in a short amount of time. In no greater way has retail seen the influence of the Internet; Ecommerce is a massive global business and new online shops go live every single second of every day. Continue reading

Why Your Business Needs A Good Web Host?


Websites are a must for businesses today. With the convenience of things people can find on the internet, a website is a significant boost to an overall brand image which can help retain customers. Say you are someone who is starting out a small home business, where you make cute little hair accessories. Sure your family and people in your neighborhood would love to buy from you, but they are just a small customer base. For a business to grow in a favorable direction, one needs to expand their reach into untapped audiences. Continue reading

Data Protection: The Other Part of the Equation


In a previous post, we’ve talked about just how important cyber security is for modern businesses. The types and number of cyber attacks happening right now are higher than ever. Taking cyber security seriously is the only way to better protect your business’s operations, especially with most of them now stored in the cloud. Continue reading

7 Ways to Generate Domain Name Ideas


A good domain name can make or break a website.

When it comes to the internet, every other site is your competitor, and you need to settle on a domain name that’s easy for people to remember while cutting through the noise and signalling to search engines what your site is about. Continue reading