Top 2 Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2017

For more than two years now we have been bombarded with the fact that more people now access the Internet from mobile devices than from desktop PCs, and so the push is on to develop effective mobile marketing strategies that will drive customers to business websites and engage them long enough to stick around. Prior to Google’s Mobilegeddon, a few key marketing agencies began dabbling in mobile marketing, but with the advent of Google’s new algorithms, it became an absolute must if that agency was to survive in an increasingly mobile society.

Mobile marketing
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One Agency Sets the Pace

With so many marketing agencies just jumping on the bandwagon, it’s good to know there are those out there who were already in tune with consumers and began developing mobile strategies long before Google even announced their plans to update their ranking algorithms. One US digital marketing agency, Single Grain, offers the following tips on two strategies for ultimate success in 2017.

1. Price Comparison for the New Millennium – QR Codes

For years now, we have been bombarded with the wisdom of comparing prices prior to making a purchase. Now, with the ability to scan a QR code in-store, compare prices at other retail outlets and then decide if you are getting the best deal, consumers are in shopper’s heaven. Single Grain suggests you use QR codes to give potential customers the information they need when comparison shopping. A digital marketing agency can optimize your codes to link potential customers to well-written and highly relevant landing pages where they’ll happily find what they need about any given product. Couple that with significantly reduced prices and you’ve just made a sale!

2. Answers on the Fly (Micro Moments)

Not only are more consumers than ever before accessing the Internet via their cell phones for connecting with friends on social media and shopping, but they are also using those phones for answers on the fly. Perhaps they are talking with a friend about that classic song, “Living on a Prayer” yet can’t remember the name of the group. Type in ‘who sang this song’ and Bon Jovi pops up in the first organic spot on page one of the mobile SERPs. An effective way to market your brand or products is to provide quick little answers that can be accessed on the fly. What a way to build traffic and rank!

Although there are a number of different marketing strategies like social apps and responsive, user-friendly pages, you can be assured that the above two mobile marketing strategies will have you ranking highly almost overnight. Once you start climbing in the SERPs, you’ll also notice that your traffic begins increasing as a result and that is what digital marketing is all about. It’s getting those customers to you so that together with your marketing agency, you can convert them from visitors to customers. These mobile marketing strategies have worked for tens of thousands of businesses so there is every reason to believe you can benefit as well.