The Growing Use of Cloud Based Software in Businesses

The Internet has significantly changed the way we live our lives and it has also changed the way that companies operate. It is much easier for firms to communicate with their audience and reach out to people, but there have also been great strides forward in how firms work, how they store data and how they make decisions. Cloud based software has led to a revolution in what firms are able to do and the growing use of cloud based software in business has played a key role in this development.

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There is a wide range of applications to choose from with cloud based software, and this means that firms of all sizes, of all budgets and in a broad range of sectors are able to benefit from utilizing cloud based software.

First of all, the fact that cloud based software ensures firms don’t need to undertake hardware or software installation or maintain these aspects, is a great start. This saves time, it can save money and should lead to a greater level of consistency in these products. The installation process and ensuring that everything is in place and in good working order is often the key aspect in how much utility a firm gets from a program.

Cost savings will always interest businesses

Many firms will be enticed by reduced capital costs and lower IT operational costs, but a huge factor in why cloud based software is a smart choice comes with the improved disaster recovery support. If you lose data in-house, it can be very difficult to recover; which could cause massive problems for a company. If data is lost in the cloud, it is more likely that the cloud service provider will have backup storage solutions and will be better placed to recover the data. This provides peace of mind and confidence to companies and their customers.

There are, of course, risks associated with cloud based software, and firms need to be aware of these:

  • The cloud provider must satisfy data retention requirements.
  • Cloud based service providers are often the target of hackers and malicious attacks.
  • Not all cloud based providers comply with data security and privacy regulations.

These risks can be mitigated by choosing an appropriate cloud based provider. From organizations such as Google (through Google Apps) and LinkedIn, all the way down to smaller firms offering individual cloud based services, there are many reliable and reputable providers to choose from.

Infor, with Charles Phillips in the role of Chief Executive Officer, is one of the many companies that provide a range of reliable and affordable cloud based business application software that is transforming how companies operate. The entire global business community is able to benefit from these features, which is helping to create a more connected world with greater opportunities for firms of all sizes.

Having software and data in the cloud encourages flexibility and scalability in a company, and with the right provider it is possible to be confident about offering a secure and reliable service that drives the firm on while satisfying customers.