Four Major Tech Marketing Trends to Keep a Close Eye On for 2017 and Beyond


Technology is changing faster than we can often keep up with; it meanwhile, marketers are following suit to figure out ways to use that tech to reach new customers.

For starters, consider Apple and Google’s constant horse-race in terms of new bells and whistles for their respective mobile operating systems. Meanwhile, social platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are in a fierce battle of one-upping each other with similar features and functionalities. Continue reading

Drive Sales for Your Ecommerce Site through Instagram - Importance of Your Profile Picture!


When you are the owner of an ecommerce brand, it is very important for you to reach out to the targeted customer effectively. Thanks to social media platforms, you can attract the attention of present and potential customers faster along with an effective SEO strategy. However, in the recent past, many brands have been resorting to Facebook for marketing their products however this social media platform currently has faced a decline when it comes to reaching out to customers. The decline is so great that many entrepreneurs are looking for new social media avenues to market their brands. Continue reading

Top 2 Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2017


For more than two years now we have been bombarded with the fact that more people now access the Internet from mobile devices than from desktop PCs, and so the push is on to develop effective mobile marketing strategies that will drive customers to business websites and engage them long enough to stick around. Continue reading

The Pre-Launch Checklist of Essentials for Your Online Store


The key to any great business is having a great product. Hopefully by now you have figured that part out. But nowadays, this alone is not enough. In a world increasingly dependent upon digital sales and e-commerce, you need an online store that is up to par. After all, there is only so far an excellent product or service can go if nobody can buy it. Continue reading

Increase Your ROI with Hassle Free A/B Testing


You may use A/B testing when you are managing your website because you need the honest opinion of people who are using the site. You will find that the tests will tell you how two different versions of the site work, and this article will take you through the ways that you may use A/B testing to change your website for the better. There are a number of ways that you may use the testing procedure, and you will have a much higher ROI once you have made choices that help you improve your site faster. Continue reading